Monday, February 25, 2013

Naruone, Sydney

A new Korean restaurant open in Pitt st, Sydney. It is located besides the Korean supermarket and you have to go down the stairs to enter this restaurant.
They displayed their menu on a glass wall along the street just above the restaurant and you can't just miss this place :)

So we decided to give this place a try as their specialty is their fried chicken and we are still in our journey to find out if there's any other contender for Arisun's chicken :)

More banchan pleasee... These amounts for 4 of us is too little hehe,, Me and my brother are kimchi lovers! 
 Here comes the chickennnn :) So crispy and tenderrr...!! I must say that this chicken is a must to buy when you visit this restaurant. Well it has different yuminess to the Arisun's chicken but this chicken is more authentic korean in my opinion while Arisun's is more tro chinese-korean chicken ^^
Fried Chicken with Spring Onion ($30)
 I loveee korean soup whichever kind it is. But this one in Naruone, I think there is a herb in that soup that makes it taste a bit soapy to me, but my boyfriend loves the soup so much, I wonder how different palates that we have.. Most of the times we always have different opinion on food :p But apart from the soapy note, the meat is so tender that it falls of the bone and to have it on a cold night, yuuuuummmm...!!
Spicy pork rib stew ($14)
Bossammm (a thinly sliced pork belly which is boiled with Ginger and Onions)!! I first came across the existence of Bossam is from a Korean Variety Show. Before, I would never ever eat pork belly that is not crispy or deep fried. I don't really like the fatty part if it is soft and chewy like that. But when you wrap the pork in lettuce and kimchi with some gochujang and chopped green chilli, my GOD its Heaven.. The texture complement each other and they are justt.... PERFECT.

So this concludes my eating journey in Naruone.. Will definitely come back to try other dishes !!^^

Second Visit to Naruone
31st March 2014

Another gathering with my Subway friends but this time, its not chinese restaurant anymore.. Its korean !!^^ And there will be 8 of us so I was hyped to go cause that means that we  will be ordering many new dishes to be added to my blog :)

As usual, we always have to order the fried chicken... And this time we also ordered 4 new dishes!
First is the Kimchi Pancake. I usually get Seafood pancake / Haemul pajeon but to my surprise, the kimchi pancake is so much yummier than seafood pancake! And they use chives here instead of spring onionss.. Happy ~~ The pancake is crispy but still has a good chewy bite to it. The pancake sauce compliments that pancake nicely.

Next my friend suggested the steam eggs. The eggs is so smooth and silky and the sauce for me taste like okonomiyaki japanese sauce :) It was really good to be eaten with hot ice ^^

The next dish is Bulgogi. I didn't expect a lot from Bulgogi cause it was a pretty mainstream korean dish. But it surprised me that the bulgogi is well marinated and very flavoursome. They have proved me wrong. Bulgogi in Naruone now is my second favourite dish after the fried chicken. It has a good balance of sweetness and was served in a generous portion too.
Lastly, we ordered the potato and pork bone soup. It does not take long before everyone slurped the soup and munching off those meat from the bones :) It was soo good!
Medium $45
Another enjoyable night in Naruone!!

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