Sunday, April 14, 2013

Soban Korean, Chatswood

Another weekend out in Chatswood. This time is to accompany Bebski playing Basketball with his friends in the area.. We were starving at the end of the game and was looking around Westfield what to have. came across Soban Korean on the top Level of Westfield and was lured by the fake food displayed at the front shop... So we decided to try it out..

Banchan come first and my attention was straight away to the moist and soft potato mash salad ~~ The pink liquid with cabbge in it is my first time seeing that in K-restaurant. I guess we enter one of the "high-class" version of K-restaurant. As the patrons around us are mostly Japanese and Korean family ;P Not students. hihi.. *Assumption Assumptions*
Our second dish is Korean mandu. Filled with pork and vermicilli. It was yummy and not too oily.. Love the salad in the middle too :)
Pork Mandu
We decided not to get steam rice but instead this kimchi fried rice with seafood cream caught our attention.. A generous portion of the seafood.. For me it was okay but as we dug deeper, the combination of the cream and kimchi seems unacceptable to our mouth anymore ;PEspecially after the third dish came out!
Kimchi Fried rice with Seafood cream Sauce
This was the dish of the night.. the dish that makes me drool and the dish to come back for! The pork belly muchim.. The pork belly is well grilled and seasoned served with green salad drizzled with Korean fusion vinaigrette which suprisingly was to our liking (As vinaigrette was not our preference in any meal).. I also love the crispy onions on top! This dish are well combined!
Pork Belly Muchim
Overall experience was great! Delicious foods, and attentive staffs!
Will definitely come back to try more dishes!!

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