Friday, May 24, 2013

Albee's Kitchen, Kingsford

After reading so many good review of Albee's Kitchen in Campsie, I would really want to try the foods there. It's just that I live in Eastern Sydney that it is quite rare for me to travel to Campsie :) I've made a couple of plans to visit this place but there was always a reason to cancel.

Until one day, when I drove passed back from work through Kingsford that I saw a sign saying "Albee's Kitchen". I am so excited that it is opening in my area! I msgs my friend to let him know and he was happy too that he doesn;t have to travel to Campsie just to have the famous curry puff according to him..

That's when I decided to have dinner there the next day ^^

Firstly, the must have, we ordered the curry puff, which is quite big for a puff, consisted of sweet potato mainly with some mince meat, egg and beans.. I can really taste the curry powder coming through just enough for my pallet. But for my bf's, he found it quite overpowering :)

Chicken Curry Puff ($2.50)

 Bakuteh is a herbal soup made from pork bone which is simmered for a long time in 'Tea' which has some astringency in the flavour. Not many people are familiar to the taste. Even I don't really fancy this dish. As it was drizzling outside, my bf picked this dish for him ^^

Bakuteh ($11)

My old time favourite, every time I visited a Malaysian Restaurant, a must order dish is char kuey teow. I was torn apart between ordering this or the hokkian noodle. But flat rice noodle won me over :) I'm glad that I picked this dish as it is the taste that I've expected... The smoky wok aroma that comes through, especially the fried eggs in it *my favourite bit*.. The Char kuey Teow consist of clamp meat, chinese sausage, chives, bean sprout and shrimp
Char kuey Teow ($10.50)

My brother choose hainanese chicken rice as he is a fan of the dish. It is quite disappointing I should say.. We had the taste from what we ate in Malaysia as our benchmark in mind..  I haven't yet discovered any good hainanese chicken rice in sydney..
Hainanese Chicken Rice ($10.50)

One dish per person for the three of us feels like there's something missing.. We need one more dish to alternate our chopsticks from our own.. So we ordered the Nam yu Pork Ribs which is marinated in red fermented tofu and deep fried to perfection :) This Dish is my second favourite adter the Char Kuey Teow ^^

Nam Yu Pork Ribs ($14.80)
So if anyone got any suggestion for a good Hainanese Chicken Rice,, Please let me knoww :) Albee's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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