Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Hogs Breath Cafe, Port Macquarie

So I went to Port Macquarie like a month ago and Hogs Breath seems to be the best place to have dinner there.. We went there on a Saturday night and boy the queue was crazy.. Can't imagine what happen if they open Hurricane's Grill here ;p But it didn't take that long before we got our seat.

There are Hogs Breath in Sydney too but it didn't appeal that much to me when compare to other steak places, so this was a good chance for me to try this place out. Mr.Wjt said that it's pretty good.

To start with, Mr.US decided to order the Finger Food combo for entrée which consists of the classic potato skins, vegetble spring roolls, crumbed chicken tenders, and salt pepper calamari. Served with sweet chilli sauce and honey mustard. The portion was pretty generous that it nicely fills our tummy a bit before the mains. I personally loveeee the spring rolls and the calamari :)

Finger Food Combo $22.95
Bebski and Mr.Us ordered the Blackened Prime Rib - the steak was seasoned with Hogsbreath's blackened seasoning, a light cajun flavour. It was good and the flavour did penetrate in the meat nicely.

In Hogs breath, they have 3 different sizes of the meat; The traditional cut, the Lite cut and the Mega cut for an extra $7. Bebski did ordered the Mega cut and he had a hard time finishing it off, it's literally so huge!

Mr.Wjt got the Byron Bay Chilli Prime Rib - the sauce made up of Chilli and Coconut, and it got the 2007 world champion chilli sauce with heat rating 7/10. The sauce was hands down delish! no wonder they received the award.. But the heat is not 7/10, prolly just 5? hehe. But its hot enough to make Mr.Wjt sweat a bit ;p

Byron Bay Chilli Prime Rib $31.95
And for me.. My total weakness is mushroom! I ordered the Garlic Mushroom Prime rib with Baked potato and veggies :) The steak was topped with garlic butter and generous portion of mushroom that was enough to put a smile on my face. I loveee shrooms! The steak was tender and flavourful! Can't imagine I haven't try this place out any sooner..

Lite cut Garlic mushroom prime rib $27.95
Unfortunately we didn't have any more place for dessert.. But I will definitely be back to Hogs breath for any steak cravings in the future!

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