Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Kin By Us, Macquarie

A very late post from meee since I visited Kin By Us back in March :) A quick Intro about the place, it is owned by the couple Uel & Shanelle, one of the contestant in My Kitchen Rules and what interest me to visit their place is their Asian brunch menu style..

It was my last day again in Sydney and I can't leave Sydney before I tasted what they have to offer ... Reached the place at 11:15AM with Mr.Wjt and luckily we don't have to wait as my plane was 3 hours away ;p

We were greeted warmly by one of the staff, seated and I knew then what I want to order, as usual :) The interior of the place, I would say its pretty unique and different, the front area of the cafe is open wide without any door.

They also have this long table on the left side of the cafe which directly opposite the kitchen area where I can see Shanelle busy plating the food before serving :)

Tried Durian Affogato for the first time! It was a weird combination for some people, but to me, Durian is always been inviting to me. Mr.Wjt who is not a fan of durian thought that the combo works pretty well. Me on the other hand, I loved it. Its not that fake durian ice cream from a usual ice cream parlor, but rather, I can really taste the fruit and the Durian bits in it.

Durian Affogato $7
So after my thorough research to the place, I know that this Miso Yummy is a must order! The dish consist of Miso Salmon, Onsen eggs on top of a Sourdough and sesame Spinach. The salmon was perfect, pink in the middle and the flavour is just delish, especially with the gooey eggs, oh gosh, foodgasm, literally!!

Miso Yummy $17
I purposely arranged our arrival time at 11:15 so we can wait until they open their Lunch menu cause I really want to try their Snap, Crackle, Plop - Chicken Rice, Crispy chicken skin and Onsen eggs. The portion is not too big, it's nice to order as a side ;p The rice has a very nice fragrance, the chicken stock is very good and especially the crispy crackle, I wish they would've put more in :)

Snap Crackle Plop $10
Waffle belly - Caramel soy Pork Belly, Potato waffle, Onsen egg, Shrooms and Cabbage. I never tried potato pancake before and for me, its da bomb! All the waffles should made from potato now! It has that savoury umami note into it. The Pork belly was perfectly cooked and tender, and no need to comment on the eggs. Everything on the plate is just perfection. One tips from me for this dish.... Don't share! heheh :)
Waffle belly $17
I was very pleased with the foods and the service from Kin By Us :) Uel did our bill and we chat for a bit, I found out that Shanelle parents came from Bandung, a town next to my home town :) And I got pictures with themmmm .^^. What a great ending before I fly back to Jakarta ...

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  1. mmm that chicken crackle is so amazing!

  2. So jelly you got to take a photo with them! So hungry for the waffle belly :D


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