Monday, June 15, 2015

Exploring Malaysia ( KL )...

So on the third day of my trip, I went to KL and stayed in Federal Hotel. Well it's not the best hotel I've 've ever been to but it's okay considering it's just a one night stay :)

The hotel is conveniently located in the heart of Bukit Bintang. An area for shopping and entertainment district in KL. There are a total of at least 3-4 shopping centers around where I stayed and it is also surrounded with many yummy food courts like in Jalan Alor and Lot10 which I will talk about soon :)

So after we checked in the hotel, we waste no time and went straight to Pavillion Mall, the biggest in Bukit Bintang area. All of the branded stuffs are located in this mall; Prada, Bvlgari, Hermes, Tory Burch, you name it ;p But this time I brought my parents to the top floor of the mall where it is called Japan City.

One of my favorite thing to buy is Rusco. Colourful and tasty Baguettes originated from Japan.  They have a wide variety of flavours; Chocolate, Caramel, Orange, Green Tea, Black Sesame, Honey, Raspberry and Blueberry. The product itself is quite pricey, but it's definitely worth a try cause apart from Japan, only Malaysia got the stores.

After walking in the mall, night time came and I took Bebski to experience the culinary in a food court called Lot10. It is located at the basement of Lot10 shopping mall and this place over a range of cuisines from Malaysian, Korean, Chinese and even Western food such as Pork Knuckle!

One of the famous dish to try here is the Char Kuey Teow with Duck egg. The rice noodle is still chewy, stir fried with duck egg, chinese sausage and prawns. So good!

Char Kuey Teow with Duck egg 12.50 RM
Bebski got the Bakut Teh which is another must try dish in Lot10. It came in a small bowl with rice as the side. The soup is rich of flavour and light at the same time. They also got a choice of fatty and lean pork meat for the soup.

Lean Pork Bakut Teh 11.50 RM
We also tried Spicy Pan Mee - Homemade curly Noodle in Spicy Prawn and Mushroom Broth with mince porl, lettuce, crispy anchovies, beef balls, fried tofu and shitake mushroom. I can literally finish the whole big bowl by myself, its that good!

Spicy Pan Mee 11L50 RM
Now, the highlight of Bukit Bintang. It is the well-known Jalan Alor for its streetfood haven! The entire street is lined with hawker stalls and also restaurant selling mainly Chinese hawker fare from Rice and Noodle dishes, BBQ chicken wings, Seafoods, Loklok and snacks such as Chestnut, Crispy Chiken Skin, Murtabak and not to forget Durian! ;p

One of the many stalls that caught my attention is Lok Lok - a variant of hotpot meal or steamboat, except that the food ingredients are skewered and then dipped into boiling water / grilled / fried and then dipped into a variety of sauces.

That night, we don't feel like having steamed stuff, so we got them grilled ;p We got Pork Belly skewer, Grilled Lamb skewer, Duck Skewer, Enoki and bacon Skewer and Beef skewer.

Lok Lok Grilled Skewer 23RM
Bebski & I are a sucker to pork belly or anything to do with pork. We saw this man grilling heaps of thinly sliced pork belly, so we went to the shop and they are making pork belly jerky! They also sell them in a fried rice and so we stopped by to it out !

So we got the Pork belly jerky Fried rice which has that smoky wok aroma which we loves, we also ordered the BBQ chicken wings which was good and Pork skewer, yummeh! I really do pity my tummy :P

Fried Rice 10RM, Chicken wings 5RM, Pork Skewer 7RM.
After this meal, we also got 2 boxes of Mao San King Durian and ate them in the hotel room. Ssshh, it is not actually allowed. But oh well, we are asian after all, anything would do lol!

The next morning, our last day in KL, we had breakfast with my parents in Toast Box. A very crowded breakfast stall located at Pavillion Mall Food court. It is always packed with people queuing for breakfast. They have an array of toast serves with 2 half-boiled eggs and a choice of either coffee/tea. They also got Laksa, Mee Siam, Chicken Curry and Small packed of Nasi Lemak.

Their prices are quite cheap I would say and the laksa is definitely a must try from this shop! Unfortunately that day they were not ready to serve the laksa yet but trust me, its a must get :)

From my past visit to Jalan Alor. Tried Sai Woo Restaurant and got the grilled Sting ray, Char kuey teow, boiled lala, X.O Fried rice and BBQ pork Chop

For dessert, we went back to Pavillion mall and got this Mini Kurtosh. Unlike the one we have in Sydney, the kurtosh here is only half the size and they provide a wide range of flavours from sweet and savoury kurtosh. Below I got the Salmon and cheese Kurtosh and also Choco Peanut kurtosh. Two thumbs up for the two!! ^^

That concludes my culinary trip in KL. Next time I would venture more outside Bukit Bintang area and into Petaling st and other area :)

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