Monday, August 17, 2015

Rustic PearL, Surry Hills

Despite of my extremely busy week, I would have spare a day just for brunch! :) Last week, My brunch group Mr.P, Ms.L, Mr.M and Bebski planned to try out Le Monde. But unfortunately it was close and we changed our destination to Devon. But again, it was 40mins wait and apparently their menu is still the same like last time when I visited. So we go try our luck in Rustic Pearl.

Mr.P decided to walk there first while we wait for Mr.M to come meet us in Devon before we leave together to rustic pearl. When he came, we decided to grab Uber cause we were too hungry to walk! Arrived there, Mr.P told us that there is a queue and we have to wait. We didn't get any estimated waiting time, so we just stand in front of the place, drooling over the foods brought to table in front of us ~~

40 mins of waiting, finally we got seated! and without further ado, we ordered foods and drinks! I got myself the Avocado Smoothie with Pistachio which was superbly rich, creamy and smooth :)

Avocado Smoothie $6
Mr.M got the Smoked Wagyu Omelette with Bufallo Mozarella, spinach, skordalia, tomato relish & Toast
I got the Kipfler Potato Omelette with mushrooms, corn salsa, asparagus, goat's cheese, watercress and pomegranate molasses. It may look light and simple but it's actually really filling! Generous amount of pan fried sliced potatoes hidden inside the fluffy eggs and wrapped around the creamy goat's cheese. It's just such a good combo!

Mr.P got the Royale - Two poached eggs with Petuna Premium Ocean Trout, wilted baby spinach, homemade Hollandaise sauce and relish


We got the Lamb Gozleme to share. It is definitely a must order in Rustic Pearl. Almost every table got one. Generous with the lamb and the spices they used in the  filling are just mouthwatering-ly delish. I seriously can finish the whole lot by myself! 
And here come the Champ of the day! Bosphorus Benedict. Two poached egg on toast with Bay Lobster, avocado, homemade Hollandaise, fresh coriander & Chilli. I literally can't describe this dish much besides the fresh and perfectly cooked lobster and the oozing egg porn!! Bebski should be thanking me for ordering him this ;p

Overall, the foods were great. It may take very long for them to cook the dish too cause as written in their menu, they make everything from scratch and fresh. Greatness does takes time ;)
One important advice from me! Come earlyyyyy.. otherwise u gotta waitt soooo longgg . Even though the foods are gonna be worth it but the coldness windy winter is just too annoying >.< and the place is not too big like any other cafes.

Second Visit:

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  1. mmm that omelette looks super fluffy!

  2. Love that you can get an avocado smoothie outside of a Vietnamese dessert house!


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