Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Dip @GoodGod, Sydney

Every time I passed through Liverpool st, I always wonder what kind of pub is it called GoodGod and what is inside. So I did my homework by looking at other food blogs and food reviewer. And so I found out that there is a small bar/pub inside which over Mexican foods. So I gather once again my foodie friends to experience this place together :)

When we arrived, the security greet us kindly asking for our ID and he kinda spoke indonesian a bit, hehe. We have to go down the stairs and the place was quite dark. It was 6PM but most of the tables are occupied. The waitress asked us if we have made a booking.. In my mind I thought people really need to book to eat down here? This small place? What is really special about this place?

So then we looked at the menu and we order 1 dish for ourselves and will order some sides to share.. So these are what we got...

The very yummy nachos. Corn chips with 12hr cooked pork, pinto beans, tomato salsa, jalapeno cream and cheese
Well as the place was quite dark and my camera definitely was not the best one, so it doesn't look really appealing but trust me it is yummy!

Pulled pork Nachos $15
The menu Red Hot Chicken Wing really tempted me to buy them. I was imagining the type of spicy chicken wings that Adam Richman from Man Vs Food had! But it was pretty disappointing in taste for me. The flavour does not come through. It was not spicy :( The ranch dip is really good though..
Red Hot chicken wing $10
 We are the people who can't eat asian food without rice and who can't eat anything not Asian without chips. Sorry if my sentence confused you :P The chipotle mayo was amazing... creammyy goodness!!
Thick fries with chipotle mayo $6
Lev's Dawg is the first dish offered in the menu. It must be either the best or the favourite for being on top. It consisted of a smoky kosher hotdog with green yellow pepper, fresh tomato salsa and chipotle mayo and american mustard :) It's not like your original hotdog. All of the combination works perfectly!
Lev's Dawg $12
The winner menu for tonight.... *Drum rooollllls*.... Southern smoke!! Its the 12hr cooked pulled pork with BBQ beans, apple & cabbage slaw, and BBQ sauce. The pork literally melts in your mouth, the homemade BBQ sauce is divine and the slaw provides the crunchiness needed! Yuuuuuummmmmmmmmm
Southern Smoke $12
There's always room for dessert they said... second stomach they said ^^ *Omg too much 9gag*
We got this dessert called Ice Cold Guac which is a sweet avocado ice cream with strawberry salsa and waffle chips. The ice cream is not sweet for me.. But its good as the strawberry provides some sweet and sour note to the dish which made it balance :)

Ice Cold Guac $10 
Now I can answer myself doubt before. No wonder people need to book to dine here. It was affordable, good portioned, nice atmosphere to hang around. They have live music and dancing floor too :) The food are amazing and the staff are friendly, Highly recommended and definitely will be back ^^ 
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