Sunday, November 11, 2012

Petaling Street: Malaysian Hawker Food, Haymarket

Finally I got a Food Technology JOb!! It was for a maternity leave coverage for 6 months or may be more depending on the person when is she coming back :) I am so happy... Yet sad.. I have to leave my part time work in subway for awhile. Well Maybe I can continue working there on the weekends:)

So to celebrate my hapiness..... I am treating my siblings and my bf to dinner in my newly found malaysian restaurant in Haymarket. Going into the restaurant, you can see the cook and some food displayed through the glass windows. We were then brought to the second floor of the restaurant downstairs. It was pretty packed when we arrived.

All of us were so hungry and because its my treat, I would like to try as many dishes as I could, and because I know everyone's stomach can fit many foods... So I order mostly everything I should say? hehe

A Very refreshing drinks to accompany you rmalaysian dishes. Sweet and aromatic tea. Unfortunately not enough milk tea in a glass :) It was sooo goood!
Malaysian Teh Tarik
 I like the fragrance gingery rice with the rice texture just right, a bit dry and hard. The chicken is quite cold. May be that's how Malaysian eat this dish. I am not a fan of cold dish T.T
Hainanese Chicken Rice
 Asam laksa - as the name denote. The soup was sour and tangy! but it was refreshing and the noodle is chewy^^ My siblings does not like this dish but I don't mind it :)
Asam Laksa
 Cheongfun is a thin roll of rice noodle which is bland in taste if eaten by itself like white rice. THis dish is accompanied by fish balls and simmered with a sweet black sauce with dried shrimp and chilli on top. I am not familiar to the taste of the dish and hence I'll give it 5/10 hehe..
Malaysian CheongFun
We got another entree which is Roti Kosong, It is a malaysian roti canai with the curry soup to dip ^^.. Mamak roti is still the best to me!

Our favorite dish of the night. All of us agreed on this one. It is mince pork and Bean curd Hotpot. Egg tofu deep fried till golden brown with mince pork cooked with oyster sauce with baby corn (Thank GOD its not canned!) and put on top of fried eggs in a hotpot... Sizzling hot and yummy!!!

As a ritual Char kuey teow is a must to order in a Malaysian Restaurant and this was the second best dish! Flat rice noodle with chinese sausage, fish cakes, clamps, prawns, beansprout and chives (Best COmbo) And they have the smoky wok aroma which I always love in a char kuey teow! This dish is highly recommended!
Petaling st mee goreng. It has a curry taste to it. My bf didn't like it but I don't mind it :) It was quite nice for me

Can anyone believe all of those dishes were eaten by 4 of us?! look at our table!! Even the waiter told us that we might not be able to finish everything!

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