Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ablaze Grill, Enrertainment Quarter

Went to Fox studio a couple of times for some events or just dinner, and came across Ablaze Bar & Grill that seems nice and very crowded at night. So whose ever birthday is next, we were thinking to give it a try..

Finally, the day has come and it was my boyfriend's 24th :) There were four of us .. my brother, sister, boyfriend and myself. It was a surprised to walk in the restaurant as it was pretty empty.. Well that may also be because it was still 6PM and a Tuesday too ;p

We look up the menu, there were a variety of meat from the 'Grills' menu to choose from and thankfully, there is an option of the 'Mix Grill Platter' where we can taste a bit of everything... We were starving and might as well fill up as it was my bf's treats :)

So we got it! but before that let me present some pictures of appetizers that we ordered too ^^

                                                            Lemon Lime Bitter for mee ^^

                                                                    Garlic Bread ($6.90)
We were expecting a regular garlic bread and sort of figure out the taste *we thought*, but it was surprising for us that this garlic bread may look ordinary, but the taste is very delish! The bread were warm and crusty on the outside and moist and soft on the inside :)

                                                                    Chilli Calamari ($17.90)
The chilli calamari was actually a crispy baby calamari served with garlic Aioli.. For the price, I think it was a good portioned for 4 of us ;)

                                                              Mix Grill Platter ($36.00)

And here it is... the 'Mix Grill Platter' ($36), which consisted of Grilled chicken, Steak fillets, Pork ribs and char-grilled chorizo sausage, served with veggies and chips with dipping sauceIt doesn't look as what we thought it would be, but tasted pretty decent and filling too. The Chicken breast is quite dry but the rest is yummy!^^ 

So Overall, it was a good night, fun times chatting and here is some shots of my bf opening up his pressies :)

The Entertainment Quarter
Shop 211, level 1
Bent Street
Moorepark 2021
Ph. 02 9360 0097

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