Monday, January 7, 2013

Ippudo, Sydney Westfield

I was walking around in the city on Saturday night and went to westfield for dinner. I came across this new ramen restaurant called Ippudo and the queue at 6:30PM was not a joke! I googled it straight away, and apparently there were a lot of infomation about this ramen place that it is very well known in Japan and a couple of poeple have write their review on this place.

Ippudo Originated in Japan, they hand made their noodle and their put a lot of effort in producing the top notch pork broth that they serve there. They also introduced me to the word "Zuzutto" which is the way of eating ramen japanese style. In short word, we have to slurp the noodle when we ate them till it makes the sound to maximize the enjoyment of eating ramen :P

It was impossible for me to queue that night so I decided to come back on Sunday. I ask a couple of my friends along with my bf to try that place out. As my bf is very fond of anything Japanese-related..
We were greeted enthusiastically by the waiter and also when we left :P

For starter, we ordered the famous pork bun. The Bun is so delicate and soft, the Pork is flavoursome complemented by the crunchy lettuce and japanese mayo. one is never enough for me..!!

Pork Bun 4.50

Ippudo Gyoza (Hakata style) 6.00

 My dish was Akamaru Shinaji which is tonkotsu broth incorporated with miso paste and garlic oil. Accompanied by mushrooms and pork belly .. Taste wise, I don't really get the depth of the flavour as Gumshara ramen got.. Im not complaining though, its just that my expectation has been put up really high :p

Or maybe this is what authentic japanese ramen taste like, I'll never know till I travel there someday. . .
Akamaru Shinaji $16

This is what my bf got.. Shiromaru motoaji. It is similar to what i got but it was more to a tradition hakata style ramen without the miso paste and the garlic oil :)
Shiromaru Motoaji $15
I might come back again for the pork bun.. Not too sure for the ramen cause I prefer ramen with more flavour depth ;P Anyone agree? hehe..

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