Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the Mood for Thai, Paramatta

Paramatta is not a suburb on my go-to list unless the reason of visit is to eat! I was on the hunt to try out Temasek for a long time now and we decided to visit the place a day after boxing day and foolish us, we didn't check weather they open or not and unfortunately they don't!

Bebski, Mr.P and I were starving and so we just entered any restaurant we can see nearby. Luckily, we found this thai place on the corner and they were swarmed with people having lunch and the smell of the stir fries and the burnt smoky wok lure us straight in.

We looked through the lunch menu and we made up or mind what to order.
For me going to Thai restaurant, it will always be either pad thai, pad see ew or anything with pork belly in it. Unfortunately they don't serve crispy pork belly here and so I got the Hokkien Noodle in Oyster sauce. The noodle still has its chewiness and the oyster sauce along with the sweet soy sauce covered the noodle nicely. The chicken was well marinated and not to mention the portion was humongous!

Chicken Hokkien Noodle $9.90
 Bebski and his Satay sauce stir fry! He got the chicken in satay sauce stir fry which also came with a pile of veggies! He was starving and basically got no choice so he gulp everything off the plate ...

Chicken in Satay sauce $9.90
 Mr.P got the green curry with chicken that also comes with steamed rice. I thought that the curry was prettu mild and that it needs more punchy curry note in it :)

Green Curry Chicken $9.90
The foods was alright, not bad for a quick lunchie... :) Bit disappointed though cause Temasek was closed but it's just gonna be another reason for me to visit Paramatta again ^^

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