Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chao Praya, Randwick

It was my friend birthday on the 26th and she invited me and my bf to have dinner in Chao Praya. I used to like in Randwick 4 years ago and every time I watched movies in Ritz Cinema, there will always be a commercial regardingt his restaurant and how it won an award in 2008. I've always wanted to try but haven't got the chance.. Well, the chance is here now ^^ So I'm really looking forward to it..

We got there, sat down and look at the menu.. And the fist thing that caught my eye is definitely the Moo Krob (Pork Belly), as I always order char kuey teow in malay Resto, I have to always order prid Khing Moo kob in Thai :) 

First of all, for starter, we ordered Som Tum with soft shell crab. Som Tum is a green papaya salad with carrots, coriander, spring onion, shallots and cashew nut with thai salad sauce usually consisted of fish sauce, garlic and palm sugar :) It was a refreshign salad with its tanginess ^^

Tom Sum Soft shell crab ($17.90)

Then the second dish came which is the pork bellyy ~~!!  The prk hing sauce is not really pofound, I hardly taste the curry paste flavour. The pork was cooked okay and the skin is not that crispy and it's my first time having this dish with baby corn in it.. Of course canned baby corn which tasted like plastic to me :( I really hope restaurants will stop using canned ones somehow.. T.T
So overall this dish has fail to impress me hehe!
Prik Khing Moo Krob (15.90)
Third dish is Pla salad, It is a deep fried whole fish with thai salad on top. What we didn't realized then we ordered this dish is that the salad on top of the fish is the exact same salad as the starter.. so again, we didn't end up trying alot of dish variety from Chao praya. Nevertheless, the fish is the winner for me.. the crispy outside and the soft meat inside! But -- like manu said "not enough sauce" :P

Pla salad ($28.90)

Dear Reader, Have u been to Chao Praya? If yes, please let me know what other dishes worth trying and maybe I'll be back :)

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