Sunday, November 24, 2013

Devon Cafe, Surryhills

My friends from Melbourne visited Sydney last weekend and she was into brunch, she told me she heard that Surry Hills has been noted as one of the area in Sydney where all of the brunch places are so I asked my sister - The BRunch Queen where is the currently hyped place to visit. Then she recommend Devon Cafe. 

She showed me some pictures from Instagram from other reviewer and I must say, just looking at the pictures makes me salivatingggg...
So I went picked up my friends from Sheraton On the Park Hotel and we went to Devon Cafe. It was drizzling that day and the cafe was pretty full, we have to wait for quiet a bit.

Finally after 15 minutes waiting, we were seated at the back of the cafe which looked kinda like a garage, with the cemented floor and the graffiti-ed wall *Pardon my english* hehe..
Looking at the menu even from waiting time, it was kinda hard cause there are alot of things that I would really like to try. . .


Breakfast with the Sakuma ($24.5)


Citrus Cured Salmon ($17.50) - Split Dill cream, apple, celery, cucumber, fennel, soft boiled eggs and brioche

It was my friend's dish and she told me that she can't even taste the eel in the eel croquet,, She said it's just full of deep fried rice croquet. But the Salmon and the eggs cooked to perfections ^^

My Dish - Green Envy ($23)
Green with envy - Nettle semolina gnoccchi, pumpin puree, zucchini, yellow squash and peas. Interesting plate for me as I've never tasted either semolina or yellow squash or zucchini flower :) Which surprised me that crispy zucchini flower is so delish! I liked this dish overall, its just that all of the component is too mushy that I need something a bit more crunchy to complement it :)

 Surry Hill's Sourdough Ploughman ($21)
This was my bf's dish which consisted of cured meats, house pickles, cheese, crudités, tomato chutney and sourdough.. This portion is not enough to fill him up apparently hehe..

Here is a pic of me & my Melb friends :)

Will definitely come back to Devon to try the Ultimate toastie and the Crab pasta ^^

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