Thursday, August 14, 2014

Golden Unicorn, Maroubra

One of my favourite go to yumcha spot! Despite it's convenient location from my house, the service they provide here is outstanding and the quality of food is not too far off Phoenix or Kam fook :) It can be proven by how long the queue is on Sunday morning and sometimes even on a Saturday arvo!

The entrance to this place can be quite tricky cause it is right in the middle of a bar and an Oriental supermarket, it is just a small entrance with stair leading to the second floor - the main restaurant.

The queue started to form when I arrived last Sunday at around noon. The setting is clean and neat. It also has a good amount of windows to let the sunlight penetrates in :)
Been here so many times so these pictures are a compilation of so many visits. I can't remember precisely the price of each but roughly;
S: $4.80, M: $6.80, L: $7.20 and XSP: 9.80

Pork Siu Mai
My favourite siu mai, the pork siumai! The taste is exactly the same as the pork siumai from Sydney Best Dim Sim place in Cabaramatta. U can buy a pack of 16pcs for $6.50 only! :)

Prawn Siumai
Always loves a good Har Gow when the skin is light and chewy and the prawns are fresh and crunchy like this one :)
Har gow
Each scallop dumpling is filled with 1 piece of scallop, bunch of prawns, celery and coriander. yum!
Scallop Dumpling
Cheong Fun or Rice Noodle Roll, usually filled with either prawns or BBQ pork / Charsiew and drizzled with the flavourful soy sauce. I always asked for extra sauce!
Prawn Cheong Fun
Another creation from the Cheong fun is this one! The fried dough was wrapped with it and served with spring onions and fried shallots!

This one is never to be missed on my Dimsum visit. Baikut/Pork spare ribs cooked with black bean sauce. I must say this is the best by far the yummiest spare ribs ive had! It has more meat than fat and the sauce penetrates the meat fully, so good!

Bebski's new favourite menu during yumcha. Only he eats it ;p
Chicken feet
Another version of the regular char siu bao. A baked one. Glossy top and sweet tasting bread filled with bbq pork :)
BBQ pork 
The regular Char siu Bao, Steamed. Never beat a fluffy and light bao on a cold day! Almost every table there got the Char siu Bao, it's that good!

Bebski's new finding, fried taro. A combination of sweet taro and a savoury salty crumbed. It's a new acquired taste but I like it :)

Fried Taro
This sesame prawn spring roll is another must try when u visit this place. Generous serving of prawns inside complemented with the aromatic coriander and eaten with creamy mayo!!

Sesame prawns spring rolls
The fried scallop is also a must get!

Fried Scallop
The combination dumpling for me lacks the amount of filling, even though it is tasty but it can be improved by the addition of the fillings and it is too oily. But I always get it as it is sooo yummy T.T

Combination dumpling

Fried prawn wonton
Yumcha is not complete without Mango Pudding! Love love love mango pudding!

Mango Pudding $5
I Highly recommend this yumcha place to visit when you're in the area or planning to visit Maroubra :) It's a good place to eat and chat, the service is always good and the food always deliver!

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  1. So much food! Love this place for yum cha - and you've pretty much got all my favourites covered there!

    1. Hehehe,, I can never control myself of ordering alot of stuff during yumcha ;p Always ended up with 30-35$$ pp T.T


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