Monday, August 4, 2014

Shihlin Taiwanese Street Snack, Chippendale

Who doesn't love street foods.. Shihlin is known for its XXL fried chicken with choices of spiciness. I knew about Shihlin was when I went back to Jakarta couple years ago. It was a hit in several shopping malls. I think it was last year that it just reached Sydney's market.

Not long after Shihlin hit Sydney, a new Fried Chicken snacks followed - Hot Star Large Fried Chicken. Shihlin is not as popular as the latter but to my personal preference, I like Shihlin better! ^^

The chicken is pure chicken breast with no bones in it and the chilli powder that they used are really spicy, thus more flavour!

Went to the ones in Kingsford many times but this post is when I visited Central Park Mall :)

The chicken also has been soaked in milk and then covered with the tasty crumb and deep fried to golden perfection. Another trick to keep the chicken moist!

They also have other foods besides the chicken such as the crispy floss egg crepe and also the handmade oyster mee sua that I would love to try next time ^^

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