Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jeans Chilli Chicken, Eastwood

Jeans Chilli Chicken, a Korean restaurant located inside Eastwood hotel. Make sure to bring your ID on the weekends ;p My friends and I travelled to Eastwood last week to dine here. It's been a long time since I visited the place. It is a really popular eating spot for Indonesians. Even the owner can speak some Indo words! Their popularity brought their franchise all the way to Jakarta!

To start with, we were given a complementary appetizer which was the creamy pasta salad with cucumber and carrot pieces.

The speciality/uniqueness of this place is the rice bowl to ball! With every Chilli chicken u got 1 rice bowl if I'm not mistaken. So what u do is u put some chicken in the bowl, cut up the chicken to really small pieces and using the glove provided, mashed everything up and shape the rice into a ball!

Th rice bowl
 Whoops, forgot to take pictures of the rice ball ;p
Rice bowl mixed up with chicken pieces
This is the famous Jeans Chilli Chicken! It was not really spicy for me but for some people it can be quite sweating! The only thing that I don't like from the chicken is that they still have the skin on! Im not a gooey chicken skin person, I'm more of a crispy-skin person haha!

Jeans Chilli Chicken $32
 We also got the chicken and cheese, a less spicy version of the Chilli chicken with melted cheese on top!

Chicken & Cheese $35
My new favourite dish in here is the Chilli Pork! The pork belly was sliced thinly and fried and smothered in the chilli sauce, It was literally the highlight of the night for me ~~

Chilli Pork $35
The last dish to arrive is the Grilled Eel. I'm not a fan of eel , even the eel here didn't change my liking.. Bebski on the other lovvvvveees it! HE said it's probably one of the best eel dishes he had ever eaten in Sydney ;p

Grilled Eel $35
That's probably summed up our delicious meal in Jeans Chilli Chicken. Always lovee coming here to eat despite the time travel! The owner is really friendly and funny at the same time. he is really generous as well with free rice bowl and girls, if you ask, you could probably score some free melona ice cream :p

Tips: It can be quite pricey unless you dine in group!

A snapshot of my beloved friends and bebski <3

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  1. And this franchise fares really well too in Jakarta from what I've heard!

  2. I came across your blog while looking for some chilli chicken recipes and liked a lot. How amazing! I will keep an eye on your post.


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