Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The boathouse (Balmoral Beach), Mosman

Bebski and I went to Balmoral beach last Saturday for a brunch date with my old friends from Subway Mr.C and Ms. C :) I just found out that Balmoral beach is located in Mosman area, an area that I always passed through when I was still working in balgowlah.. I was amazed by the scenery and my brunch target for that day is The Boathouse :) There is one in Palm beach but it is too far, luckily I found out the one in Balmoral. 

Parking is not a problem in this area, it's really easy to find free parking near the residential area. We arrived around 11:30AM and the place was crowded with people queuing and others were waiting for table to sit.  The place was pretty and very alive! Unfortunately there were not enough table for everyone to sit, some even stand while eating on their bar table.

The ordering system here is to choose the menu from the displayed board and then order the food to the ordering counter, take your order number and pray that you got a table straight away ;p We waited not long until this small group of people gave us their table, how nice :)

Now to start with.. I got the Mini Banana Smoothie for $6, the smoothie is rich with honey and has that hint of cinnamon, I'm lovin it! Bebski got Strawberry milkshake $8 and Mr.C got the Chocolate Milkshake!

The plan was to order the fish and chip and the burger, but it turned out that the other couple is ordering the same thing so for the sake of my blog, again, I picked other dishes. I ordered the Corn Biscuit, which comes with chickpea balls, aubergine and harrisa. It has that middle eastern taste that bebski didn't like and I'm not a fan of the aubergine, so it was an okay dish for me :)

Corn Biscuit $18
Next come the Lettuce cups - Tender and juicy pork with the really yummy crispy skin, and also mint and couscous salad with some kind of Nuoc cham dressing, tangy and sweet at the same time. This dish impressed me! It sounds so simple and yet everything works perfectly well with each other! My favourite dish in The Boathouse! No complain about it especially the scrumptious pork!!

Lettuce cups - pork, couscous and mint $19
Then came Bebski's Beer Battered Flathead, the must order dish from the menu. It's even listed on the 50 tops must eat in Urbanlist ;p The portion was really generous, the handcut chips was delish especially when it's dipped in their special tartar sauce! And you can refill the sauce all you like :) Bebski didn't really like it, he thought its just like any other fish and chips anywhere ;p

Beer Battered Flathead $29
Mr.C ordered the Beef Burger which comes with bacon, baby cos lettuce, pickles and onion. he thought that the beef was pretty dry and lack flavour. I did tried a bit of the beef patty, he's right, it needed more salt to bring out the savoury note :)

Beef Burger $24
Overall, we had a great time and experience visiting the Boathouse even though waiting for the table can be an annoyance and the waiting time for the food exceeds 30mins T.T Would love to come back just for the view and the yummy pork! Maybe worth trying their breakfast menu next time ^^

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