Sunday, March 19, 2017

Indigo, double Bay

One of the most visited breakfast place in Double Bay is Indigo. The queue especially on Sunday can be a long one. I went there with my foodie friends and we waited for at least 30mins :) The cafe is dog friendly and they got outdoor seating as well.

My sister recommended the place and so I decided to try it out.

First we got salmon Salad - roasted salmon, mint, peas, shallots, avocado, white cabbage, garlic, ginger,thai basil, baby spinach, roasted peanuts & parmesan w/ a lemon & mint vinaigrette dressing. Fresh and vibrant salad I must say, even though my picture doesn't do justice to the dish ;p

Next is the French Toast – lemon curd, raspberry jam, seasonal fruit, honey popcorn, bacon & mascarpone. Not a fan of this one, I thought its just okay and the texture is not as fluffly ..

Breakfast Bruschetta - bacon, poached eggs, tomato onion & avocado salsa, basil & balsamic reduction. There is no wow factor to the dish, and I think for the price that they put, it was on the exxy side. But again, there is nothing cheap in Double bay area anyway ;p
I forgot whether this is the Haloumi Burger or the Beef wagyu burger but what I remembered is whatever taste you would expect from a burger. There is nothing special of it.

Last dish to come is sweet potato cakes - poached eggs, hazelnut & pistachio dukkah, lemon & chilli, labna, cracked wheat & smoked salmon. Was surprised to see the portion of the food on the plate >.<

2 pieces of quite charred sweet potato cakes. But at least this dish got a good flavour combination to it ..

So the verdict is I won't be travelling all the way back here for the foods .. Sorry to say but this did not worth the queue. At first I thought maybe I ordered the wrong dishes. But again we picked 5 dishes from each category and nothing works, at least for me ;p And the price is sooo expensive for the quality and portion

I won't say don't go, but If you think differently or you experiencing the same thing as I do, let me know :) Oh, one more thing. Service is great! But good luck getting attention from the staff ;P

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