Friday, March 14, 2014

Lang Suan Thai, Westfield Eastgarden

TGIF!! Its Fridayyy so happyy welcoming the weekend as I have plenty of plans! Starting from tonight... we had dinner in the new food junction in Westfield Eastgarden. I am fasting today as it is a month before Easter and so I havent eaten anything since morning.... So Thai food is a good idea for dinner as I needed rice so much! So we went to Lang Suan Thai claimed to be thai street food restaurant

You can place an order directly to the counter or you can be seated and they'll bring the menu to you :)

They have the restaurant setting mimicking how street food assemble in Thailand. They made the counter looking like food carts with menu at the top of the cart :)

This was the place where I sat. A glinch of my fiance and the back of my bro ;P waiting patiently for foooddd

The next room besides my table. The feeling was really like you're eating in street food in Thailand :)

Hawker style eating utensils too :)

We ordered Tod Mun Pla for our starter. It is a thai fish cake served with salad, Thai sweet chilli sauce and pickled cucumber with chopped chilli and onions. I must say it was the best fish cake I have ever tasted in Sydney. Good serving size for the prize and it really has that chewiness that fish cake should has :) I highly recommend this dish to order!
Tod Mun Pla $8

For the mains I ordered Green chicken curry - Lots of bamboo shoot and eggplant instead of chicken. It is nothing like the usual green curry I had in Bangkok / Chat thai / Home thai. It is milk curry and the dish is dominated by oil. It was alright though. Unfortunately none of us are a fan of eggplant or bamboo shoot..
Green Chicken Curry $16

The second dish is Prik Khing Moo Krob - as usual! The green beans was more cooked than other thai's. The pork belly is not as dry and crispy. The skin stuck in my teeth a couple of time. But the Prik khing sauce is really good. It has a good chilli punch... and..... more oil in the dish :P
Prik Khing Moo krob $16
The last Dish that arrived is sam sahai - Mix meat with Chilli jam sauce. I was looking for the regular veggies in Thai food stir fry such as capsicum and mushroom. But I haven't seen them in any of the dish. In the sam sahai, they used alot of galangal and lemongrass and a few leaves of fresh basil. The lemongrass was not cooked through so when I eat the meat, I can still taste the raw note of the herbs.

Sam Sahai $16
For the dessert, I ordered the sweet potato ball served with sweetened condensed milk.. It was so good and chewy that we finished it in less than 3mins!! I will definitely be back for the fish cake and the sweet potato ball!!
Sweet Potato Ball $6

Overall dininggggg I could give 7/10! Recommended and will definitely be backk soon to try their rice and noodle dishes!

Here are some snapshot of the menu and our bill :)

Lang Suan Thai Street Food on Urbanspoon

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