Sunday, March 30, 2014

Marrickville Pork Roll & Delish, Marrickville

Marrickville Pork Roll
In the search for Yummy pork roll, I heard issues that Marrickville Pork Roll is better than Hongha so I made plan to visit this place on Saturday. It was really hard to find parking in this area as the road have a lot of cafes and restaurants and so Bebski has to look around for parking while me n MR.US went to Marrickville Pork Roll to queue...

The queue was not as long as Hongha and the place is really small. But the service is better than Hongha! We were greeted by a friendly smile from one of the guy who work there and the price of the rolls are cheaper too! They have pig skin roll which I thought is Pork Crackling but I was quite disappointed knowing the fact that it was a chewy shredded pork skin.. So I ended up getting the Regular Pork Roll and Chicken Roll.

I agree to the fact that the bread here is larger and they are really generous with the filling but it was not as what I was expecting.. The bread was too crispy that it breaks apart when we reached home. The sauce was everywhere and the bread is mushy already .. The pate and the mayo too is not as good as Hongha's in my opinion..

For the Chicken Roll, the chicken was not well seasoned and not lean chicken breast.. T.T Can hardly find the chicken too. What I like about this roll though, they have radish pickles inside which adds a different refreshing taste to the roll.

I only recommend getting the pork roll, not the chicken roll :) So the verdict isss.. Me and my Colony still likes HOngha better! heehaaa ;P

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Delish Pork Roll & Juice Bar

On Our way back to the car, Mr.US saw a sign displaying sugar cane juice and so he was planning to get one. when we enter the shop, I somehow gotta feeling that they must have Durian Smoothies like the one in Cabramatta. I was scrolling my eyes through the menu and there it was.... DURIAN Smooothiee!! I thought we always need to travel to Cabramatta to drink it.. But I found it!!^^

The fruits are all fresh and looks really appealing! But nothing can beat Durian smoothiee kekeke..

Apart from Juices, they also sell hot foods and Pork roll! Too bad we bought pork rolls already.. But next time for sure we'll try the pork roll here..

So here it is.. The Mighty Durian Smoothie.. On a hot day like that, this drink is the best! The only difference from the ones in Cabramatta is that they've put more ice that makes it quite runny and it is slightly sweeter. Other than that, no Compaint... So refreshingggg ^^

For those who loveeee their Durian, this drink is Highly Recommended!! :) So Happyyyy that I found u Duriannnn~~

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