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Cho Cho San, Potts Point

First time meeting up with fellow food bloggers I was so excited to visit Cho Cho San last Saturday and try out their delectable dishes. Arrived at the place around 1:30PM, so glad that Mr.I made the booking before hand. The place was packed with people. It wasn't as spacious as I'd imagine it would be but it's pretty decent and the decor is simple and has that classic Japanese vibe into it.

The one thing that I regretted that day was I didn't bring my camera. I thought that my phone will be just good enough to capture all the foods. I was wrong. The lightning wasn't the best for phone camera and yea, I feel less of a food blogger ;p

Well, that aside, I was so glad to meet everyone. They are so friendly and it was so interesting to meet up with people that shares the same passion as you and to look at their faces talking about foods is just amazing. I learned a lot :)

So now let's begin with our eating journey. The picture wasn't the best but good enough to represent the menu ^^
First up is the Miso Eggplant. I'm not a fan of eggplant just cause it gives a tingling feeling in my throat. But this time I took the courage and tried it anyway. the eggplant was soft and moist in the inside and covered with the golden crunch of the batter and drizzled with the delicious miso! Mr.I loves it and we ended up ordering a second one for Ms.Y and Ms. A :)

Fried Miso Eggplant $10
Next to come is Fried Chicken which was served with Wasabi Mayo. Fried chicken is fried chicken. You can never get it wrong especially when you used the chicken thigh which contains fat and making them so moist when fried and the sauce has a nice wasabi kick in it :) Lovin it! We also ordered 2 of this.

Fried Chicken $14
Tempura Pumpkin. I'm glad Ms.Y decided to order this dish towards the end of our meal. It was a good dish and I loooove fried pumpkin. Don't usually eat pumpkin except if they're fried/puréed/blended in soup.

Tempura Pumpkin $12
One of my favourite dish here is the Calamari with Lime Ponzu, it was fresh and tasty! The sauce really complements the charred calamari really well.

Calamari, Lime Ponzu $16
Now continuing our eating journey from the Raw Bar. Again, I don't usually eat anything raw but that day was an exception. A true foodie does not afraid to try something new. I put that thought in my mind and toughen up to try all of these below!

The first raw dish to come is Hokkaido Scallop, corn and House cured Katsubushi, I don't have the gut to eat the whole scallop but I tried a fair bit of every element on the plate. I like all the condiments surrounding the raw scallop, but still can't accept the fact that I'm chewing something raw T.T

Hokkaido Scallop $18
 The second dish from the raw bar is Beef Tataki, Wild Rice and Ginger Dressing. I did took half a slice of the beef and ate it together with the wild rice. I'm so surprised that I actually liked this dish! The wild rice provides a perfect crunch to the soft and melted beef in the mouth and the dressingm gawd, couldn't have enough of it!

Beef Tataki $18
The third raw dish is Tuna, Avocado and pickled eggplant. Yup just as the description of it, I'm not a fan of the dish ;(

Tuna, Avocado and Eggplant $22
Last but not least is the Petuna Ocean trout, Black pepper and Wasabi.  I tried a mouthful. It was okay but I wouldn't dare to go back for seconds ;p

Petuna Ocean Trout $20
Away from the Raw Bar, Fiuhh.. We got the King Crab Omelette served with Japanese Curry. Oh Man, this is a must get dish when u visit the place. It may sounds simple, but trust me, we ordered a second for this dish! the fluffy fried eggs and the fresh king crab, it's just divine!

King Crab Omelette $28
 Miso Cod, Celery and Ginger. The fish was well cooked and seasoned. Nothing spectacular from the dish and in my opinion is a bit pricey for the portion and taste :)

Miso Cod, Celery and Ginger $40
This is another dish that I love! Udon Noodles, Pork and Chilli. Now we're talking here! Love chewy udon noodle, loooove pork and love chilli! Even though it's not as hot but it has some chilli kick in it and overall the dish was scrumptious! And yes, we ordered another one of this. Ooh, besides the pork, there is also bits of shitake mushrooms and the noodle is topped with soft gooey tofu :)

Udon Noodle, Pork and Chilli $15
Last dish from the Hibachi Grill Menu is the Soy Glazed Angus Beef. Hands down dish of the day for me. The beef was flavourful, melt in your mouth and the sauce was just delectably delicious! They served with sides of wasabi, mustard and something else. But we're too immersed in the beef itself that none of us touch the condiments ;p

Soy Glazed Angus Beef $36
Last dish before dessert, we ordered Silken Tofu in Tomato Dashi. I quite like the dish especially with the crunchy bit on top. It's just that the dashi was too tomatoey to me that it lingers in the mouth afterwards.

Silken tofu $4ea

At this point, my tummy was so full that I can't really think of any dessert. But it seems that the rest can still go on with dessert, even decided to order a cone of banana soft serve each. hehe!
First to come was chow chow snow. A dollop of apple custard in the middle, covered with ginger based syrup.

Chow Chow Snow $10
The Steamed yuzu Pudding was Mr.M favourites! He said he can literally finish the bowl by himself ;p The pudding served warm, was pretty sweet and tangy and there was also an addition of sour cream on top which is a question mark for me. hehe

Yup I saved the best thing last! The Banana soft serve with crushed nut and caramel drizzles. Banana is one of my favourite fruit and flavour, so I really like it even though it was quite sweet with the addition of the caramel sauce. I would like it better without the caramel ;p Some of you might disagree with me hehe!

Banana Soft Serve $7ea
I had a great time with great company and good foods. Couldn't ask for a better experience. My only advise is to visit this place in groups so you can try more variety as the portions of some of the dishes are small. We ended up paying for $50pp which I think is really reasonable considering the amount of foods that we ordered!

Photo Credit below to Mr.M - I'm Still Hungry :)

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  1. Oh wow now I'm craving for that beef tataki and angus beef again! I agree, the tomato dashi was a bit too strong for me too haha. But it was super nice meeting you! Until next time! :))


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