Monday, September 15, 2014

Lao Village, Fairfield

My mom's friend once told me that in Fairfield area there are numerous Laos restaurant and some of them serve delicious quail. She can't remembered the actual name of the restaurant but she did mentioned Laos Village in Fairfield. I know I can't persuade Bebski to come along trying new foods cause he's not as adventurous as I am, so the idea of visiting Fairfield just gone by ;p But luckily, his friend at work who is a Laotian told him to visit Lao village and so we went last Saturday :)

I did my homework and search online their popular dish and not to forget the prices of the foods so we won't be in for any surprises :) Apparently the restaurant is well-known for its cheap and yummy foods! Winning ~~ We arrived exactly when they just open for lunch and there was only one other patrons inside.

I must admit, we ordered quite a lot for the two of us as always. But it's cheap and we thought might as well order everything as Fairfield is pretty far from where we live..
So first dish to come is the Pork Sausage which is served with some kind of a Vietnamese Nuoc Cham sauce but it's more tangy! The sausage was meaty and the texture is nothing like the usual sausage, it's softer but so delish.

Pork Sausage $10
We also ordered the Crispy Fried Rice with ham, egg, prawn, coriander and nuts. It has a noticeable zingy lemony note which I think has been squeezed all over the fried rice which is a new sensation to my tastebuds and my mind of eating fried rice with lemony hint in it. But overall I really like the fried rice especially when u got that cripsy bites :)
Crispy Fried Rice $10
Anddddd... here comes the quail~ I know I know, every time I looked at "quail" on the menu, I was expecting the amazingly-no-words-to-describe quail from Ma Brown in melbourne. I guess I was expecting too much ;p The quail comes in generous portion for a small size. Served with this peppery sauce.. Im guessing it's pepper, salt and some lemon juice ;p The quail is alright, some of the pieces were dry but some were moist.
Fried Quail (small) $11
Now here comes the Ox Tongue, the dish that Bebski has been waiting for. Served with similar sauce that they serve the pork sausage with.. And again, some of the ox tongue were really chewy and some were goooodddd ~~ It was such an experience, I never have something as rubbery as that ox tongue ;p Bebski and I ended up laughing cause our jaw literally are tired hehehe..
BBQ Ox Tongue $10
The last dish was a recommendation from Beb's friends. Chicken Leub? Or chicken Salad. It was fresh and tangy and I thought it was a great dish to be eaten with steamed rice. I would really love the sticky rice from the menu but bebski is not a sticky rice fan in particular so yeaaa ended up with the crispy fried rice instead :)

Chicken Leab $10
We were also curious as to what Soda Egg tasted like. It was okay to me, it didn't taste eggy or anything, it's like drinking a milky liquid custard with the soda zing :)

Soda Egg $2.50
Overall, it was a good experience.. I'm glad I can try Lao Foods and we have to take away some foods cause we ordered way too much ;p

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  1. portions looked really generous especially with those prices. it's close to where i live so should check it out one day

  2. I have walked past this place a million times LOL. I need to explore my suburb more!

  3. Love this place, especially their crispy fried rice. And everything is so cheap too!

  4. Dear Shirley,

    I can probably down half a dozen cold beers with this kind of food especially the fried quail!


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