Saturday, September 13, 2014

Kepos St Kitchen, Redfern

I finally got the time to visit Kepos St Kitchen! Luckily I got a day off last Thursday and I decided to try this place out along with Mr.P, my crime-in-food partner :) Arrived exactly noon for their lunch menus and there were only 2 other tables occupied.

From the entrance, you will immediately see the ordering counter which also serves takeaways and an array of desserts!

We were seated on the left dining area from the counter. The place is bright and the atmosphere is relaxing and so cozy .. This is a great place to do your assignments or just catching up with friends! But maybe not on the weekend though ;p

The desserts displayed :) Very tempting but this time we won't be trying any cause we will be going to Piccolo me for our sugar hit ^^

Mr.P ordered a latte. Yup, the cup says The Grounds... and on the menu it also says 'Coffee from The Grounds' which was a good thing cause Mr.P hasn't tasted how good The Grounds coffee is!^^

Latte (L) $4
 For me, I got the Ice chocolate this time. It was a pretty hot that day and chai latte wouldn't do me any good ;p I love how the Ice Chocolate is not too sweet and yet still has that milky and creamy choc note in it :)

Ice Chocolate $3.50
 For the foods, I got the Southern Chicken Sandwich with Middle Eastern Coleslaw and Chermoula Mayo. I love it! The chicken was seasoned really well with the crunch and tanginess from the coleslaw and the creamy mayo. I couldn't really ask for a better meal. The handcut chip not to mention was crispy on the outside and fluffy inside! And also, another tips. Don't forget to ask for their Harrisa paste on the side for the chips. It's not as hot but definitely has that chilli kick to it.

Fried Chicken Sandwich $18
 Mr.P ordered Tunisian Seared Tuna with eggplant, tomato, cucumber, potatoes, egg and harissa dressing. I didn't try much just some bite of the potatoes. It's was alright for me but definitely not my forte :)

As content as we were with our own dishes, we couldn't skip ordering the Wood Smoked Salmon salad with olives, kipflers, soft boiled eggs and dukkah. The portion of the salmon was so generous. Salmon cooked well, the dukkah provides that crunchy texture to complete the dish and the soft boiled eggs was just an icing on a cake! It was a totally perfect dish for lunch!!

Smoked Salmon Salad $18
 After paying on the counter, just then I realized that there was another dining area behind the kitchen :) The place wasn't as small as I thought after all :) It's a cute cafe with great service and great foods :)

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  1. mmm that smoked salmon looks great but I so would not be able to resist the baked goods!

  2. love the food here! the baked goods look amazing - must try some next time!


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