Wednesday, February 11, 2015

22 Grams, Randwick

A small vibrant cafe in Randwick is 22 grams. Heard from a couple of my friends that they serve a great coffee and their chipotle scrambled egg is worth the visit here. So I went for a double date brunch with Mr.N and Ms.P on a wet Sunday arvo..

On the left side from the entrance is where the barista works his magic and on the right is where you order and take number for your food, and then you wait for the next available table. The place is pretty small so you better come early.

They also have a variety of sweet goodies to choose from and Ms.P said that their pastry are all fresh! I didn't get the chance to try them out this time cause we were too full ;P

Not long after we were seated, our coffee started to arrive. I got Mocha and I thought it was okay, wasn't as great as that.

And bebski got his Flat White without syrup, they don't have any syrup besides caramel :)

Ms.P got the Corn Fritter - with avo smash and tomato salsa with additional bacon. I was torn apart between getting this fritter or the chipotle egg. Luckily Ms.P ordered this and I tried a bit. The corn fritter was pretty plain and more to the sweet side than savoury. So I was pretty happy with my decision hehe..
As my friend recommended, I got the  Spicy Chipotle Scrambled egg served with sourdough and a dollop of sourcream on top of the egg plus I got an additional bacon. cause bacon and eggs are just perfect for breakfast! The scrambled egg was quite spicy, It wasn't as fluffy as the one in Trio but it was good :) Can't complain much from my plate hihi..

I am quite surprised when Bebski ordered this dish, cause just by reading the description I knew it wasn't his cuppa tea. But he ordered it anyway. Poached eggs with smoked salmon, avo smash, pink grapefruit and Lemon Cress. The salmon was surprisingly smoked really well and the poached eggs were cooked perfectly. The portion however wasn't really satisfying for beb ;p

Poached egg with Smoked Salmon $16
Mr.N got the Egg's Benedict with smoked salmon. The salmon wasn't smoked when the board clearly said smoked salmon for the benedict.. Mr.N ended up leaving some foods behind :)

Eggs benedict $16
Overall, it was a good place to catch up with some friends over a cup of coffee and maybe some pastries. Would recommend the scrambled egg but nothing else from what we had there :)

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