Monday, February 9, 2015

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

Better late than never is a perfect quote for my visit to Chur! It has been in my wishlist since early 2014 but I only got the chance to visit the place a couple months back..
Came there with four of my friends and we got in quite early, around 7pm, the place was packed with people and we were so lucky that we got the table not long after we arrived.

The menu is displayed at the front of the restaurant so you can have a look and decide what to order cause their ordering system is to order at the counter and then pick a table :)

Mr.S ordered the Pulled Pork Burger without the veggies, yep, he's a veggie hater. He didn't eat any kind of veggies ;p The pulled pork was ordinary to me, it tasted almost like the Shredded beef that  we got a while ago in Subway ... It was juicy though and the cheese was melted perfectly on top of the meat smothering it with gooey cheesy goodness!

Pulled Pork Burger without the veggie $10
Mr.M claimed that they serve the best Sweet Potato Chips and so we ordered two portions for the four of us. The sweet potatoes were delish! Especially the aioli, it literally is the match made in heaven those twoo <3 Really can't get enough nibbling on them

Sweet Potato Chips $8
Mr.P and Mr.M got the Grilled Beef Burger with cheese, tomato jam, mustard mayo, pickle and he added bacon in it. It looks mouthwatering and sooooo fatty, look at the cheese ;p But Mr.P thought it was okay. like a regular beef burger.. I didn't get to taste it, so can't say much about it ...

Grilled Beef Burger $10
Mr.Wjt got the Crumbed Fish Fillet Burger with pickled cucumber, lemon mayo and dill. The fish was soft and cooked perfectly, it was like a higher classier burger than fillet-o-fish kekeke.. The bun could have been softer i guess, but the lemon mayo sauce definitely provide that tangy note to the burger :)

Crumbed Fish Fillet Burger $10
My first pick was the fish, cause I got recommendation from my sister on it, but because Wjt is ordering the fish, so I tried the Grilled Lamb Burger with mint sauce, feta and aioli. I thought that the burger was good but not great, the lamb was a bit dry but eating it with the Green harbanero sauce was another story. it does lift up the flavours! That's why I loveeee chilli so muchhh ^^

Grilled Lamb Burger $10
Not sure what's they hype about Chur Burger, I tried it once but I may think twice to come back here considering there are a lot of Burger joints opening up recently ;p Tough competitions for Burger joint owners out there in Sydney hehe..
And so let my Burger Adventure continues soon ;p

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