Monday, February 9, 2015

Korean BBQ 678, Sydney


Kang Ho dong, a very famous comedian in Korea has opened up this Korean BBQ joint in Pitt st. Went here for dinner with some friends to try out their meats, I've heard that they serve by far the best quality meat in the hood.

Another thing that made this place well known is the pictures that marked the presence of Running Man members dining here when they visited Sydney last year.
Below is the cartoon caricature of Kang Ho Dong himself ;p

The Banchan that was served here is pretty different from others. Mostly onions which is not my favourite. But the sweet light soy sauce with green chillies in the middle was da bomb! It complemented the juicy meats..

Now let's start with the meats..

Beef galbi

Ox tongue

Pork Neck
We also got the Samgyupsal but we were too hungry that I don't get the chance to take pics of the cooked meat ;p

I must say, the meats are definitely of very high quality, it just melts in the mouth and it really didn't need any more dipping for it! Well, the portion may not be very satisfying considering the price, but hey, quakity over quantity for once.. and definitely not suitable for dining with hungry guys cause the bill might blow you away ;p

I love how they serve the mixed red rice along with steamed egg complimentary s part of the banchan.. But it was unfortunate that we have to share one steamed egg among 4 of us ;P

Dwenjang Jigae
We also ordered two jigae that cost around $12-13 which I think is very well priced considering the portion that we got.
Kimchi Jigae
Had a blast dining here with top notch service and great quality of foods!

My friend told me that their lunch menu is even more tempting and delicious! So I will definitely be back for lunch :)

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  1. this place is on my to eat list! was it expensive? how much was everything?

    1. I think its a bit on the exxy side for kbbq.. We spent around 30ish per person but that's with half fully tummy for my guy friends hehe :)


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