Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pempek Clovelly, Kensington

As the name denotes Pempek Clovelly, an Indonesian restaurant located in Kensington, hidden from the other restaurants in Kingsford but definitely no less authentic than the rest. Pempek in indonesian means fish cake and usually eaten with the black thin spicy sour sauce. I know how I describe it is not appetizing but the flavour surely deliver!

First dish is the Pempek itself. I got the mixed one which comprise of the long pempek (Lenjer), Fish skin (kulit), The round one (pempek bola), the one with egg inside (kapal selam) and the one mixed with tofu. The pempek is deep fried and then covered with the thin sauce topped with diced cucumber. They also has an option with additional noodle but because we ordered other dishes, we eliminate the noodle.

the texture of the pempek is crispy on the outside and has its chewiness on each bite. I highly recommend everyone to try this dish out! Get the mixed one so u can taste everything.. :)
Mixed Pempek $18

My favourite dish in here is the combo of rice, mixed vegetables with peanut sauce (Gado-Gado) and fried chicken. If u want to taste what Gado2 in indo taste like, do order this dish! The chicken was great too. Can't be compared with Ayam goreng 99, but it has it's uniqueness in that the flavour penetrate even until the meat! Writing this post makes me drool even know im in Indo myself ;P
Mixed veggie with peanut sauce and fried chicken $10.50
Mr.Wjt ordered the Bakmie ayam.. The noodle was cooked perfect, still got its chewiness, the seasoning was good as well. I think they use pork lard ;P  Generous amount of toppings as well. hehe!

Bakmie Ayam (Chicken Noodle) $8.50
A friend also recommend their Egg savoury Martabak to try here. It was yummy but unfortunately they put a lot of spring onion which is my number one enemy in foods ahaha! So be prepared to have your mouth all oniony ;p
Savoury egg martabak (Martabak Telor) 
It was a great Indonesian place to try out! Unfortunately they are not well located, but definitely worth finding and trying!

By now I think I've covered almost all Indonesian restaurant in kingsford - Kensington area ;P

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  1. Totally on my list! Ngiler banget liat pempek :9

  2. It all looks so good. Definitely bookmarking this one!


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