Sunday, July 27, 2014

Birthday Freebies ~~~ ^^

Nothing to be proud of being 25 but one of the perks of being a sydney-siders is the freebies that you can claim on your birthday.. I know, being a cheapskate as always but what's wrong with free stuffs. Everyone loves free stuff especially free foods, what a great combos ;p

So my first freebie was the 'Churros for Two' in Eastgarden. You just have to register online as a member and you will receive an email on your birthday. 

Second one that I claimed is Boost Juice ~~ I got the Strawberry squeeze which consist of strawberries, banana, Yoghurt, strawberry sorbet and ice.

The last one is Burger Meal from Nandos. You got a choice of a quarter chicken meal or the burger meal.

I know other freebies from sumo salad and subway too but I work in Subway so there's no point of getting a free sub and I haven't got the chance to get a member card from sumo salad so may be next year ;p

So tell me dear Readers, what other freebies that you usually get on your birthday? :)


  1. happy birthday! oh and you get free dinner at lowenbrau keller in the rocks on your bday!

    1. Thanks Suze! Right, Lowenbrau... NExt Year thenn :)

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