Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Takeru, Sydney

A lunch date with a childhood friend brought me to Takeru last week. Its been a long time since we met and a good catch up is definitely needed! We arrived just 15mins after the place opened at 12 and Im surprised that there were quite a number of people filling up the table already.

I went to Takeru probably 4 years ago and I never visited the place since. Japanese food is not my go-to cuisine and Ms.B wanted to eat there, so thats why :)

Without looking further through their menu, Ms.B chose the Chicken Namban with rice set straight away. The set also comes with Miso Soup. The chicken was deep fried to golden perfection and topped with a creamy tasty namban sauce which taste like Japanese Tartar.

Chicken Namban $10.90 with Rice, miso and pickles set $3.50
Ms.B recommended the Gyutan (Ox Tongue) here but unfortunately they only have it in their half size menu and I'm not on a diet mission so half-size portion is not an option! So instead I got the Teriyaki beef. The sauce was sweet and was so good eaten with the rice. The meat was tender and cooked medium.

Teriyaki beef $12.50
To share, we ordered Ebi Mayo Salad which is the favourite among the customers. I must say, this is one of the best prawn salad I've eaten here in Sydney. The dressing is similar to the Namban sauce, the prawns was fresh and crunchy, it's just a good dish to cleanse the palate from those meats :)

Ebi Mayo Salad $7.80
I forgot how delicious the foods in Takeru was. This lunch date is a good reminder for me and I will definitely be back to try other dishes! The service is pretty fast and attentive. As mentioned above, their have a half-size portion which is suitable for snacking or for whoever is on diet hihih..

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