Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Simple but Filling BBQ Feast!

Last weekend was to chilly to go out of the house and so I decided to have a simple BBQ feast with some of my friends to warm up in this weather. It's not surprising as on Monday I asked my colleagues at work and most of them spent their weekend at home as well :)

In my household,  BBQ is categorized into East or West kind of BBQ. East being Korean BBQ and West being our interpretation of Westerner BBQ with sausage and salad ;p We decided to do west this time! So we bought some pork belly, sausages, cos lettuce for salads and porterhouse steak!

I start with rubbing salt on to the pork belly skin and leave it to dry under the sun. Then I brown the skin on hot pan and finished it in the oven at 200oC for 30mins and reducing the temp to 180oC for another hour or so until it crisp up.

Then I cut the porterhouse steak into thin slices to be grilled later on. Prep some leaves for the salads and some mini rolls for the sausages.

First up is the mini sausage on roll. Have some lettuce on it and chillies to spice things up :)

The roast pork perfectly cooked and crispy crackling!!

To balance all the fatty foods, I made some salad with Low fat Caesar dressing from Coles :) The salad consists of Cos lettuce, Boiled eggs, bacon pieces and shaved smoked cheese ^^

Apart from that, I also make some chips in the oven to complete the barbie :)
Here are the feast feeding just 4 people ;p We were so full that we couldn't finished all of the beef ~~
And it only cost us $7.50 pp!!

So Dear Readers, What kind of BBQ you usually have in your house? :)


  1. Wah that BBQ feast looks fantastic!!! I also try to cut out fatty food with healthier choices. The barbecues I usually have always involve satay skewers when I'm visiting my family in France... Otherwise it would have to be blood sausages and ham when I'm visiting the in laws :)

    1. Chicken Satay is my favourite as well in Barbie! wow.. blood sausage seems interesting.. I still don't have the courage to try it ;p But I will someday hehe!


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