Sunday, July 27, 2014

Lake View Cafe, Kingsford

One day before my celebration of being a quarter of century, Bebski asked me to try out a hidden Cafe which is located inside Garden'R'Us in Kingsford. At first I was hesitant to go because there were not much review about the place and besides, it is a place to but all of your gardening needs, what possibly could be inside of there besides pots and plants?!

But, that was the first time he ever asked me to go for brunch and I don't want to say no to him so we went yesterday. We parked and enter the place with confusion. There were no sign or writings about the existence of the cafe, there was just a sign 'Entrance through here', so we went in and we saw a whole new worlds of plants, flowers, seeds and herbs!

After walking through the provided path, we saw behind the bunch of herbs the cafe called Lake View Cafe which as noted by its name, it was a pretty place to have a quite and peaceful lunch overlooking the Lakes Golf Course. They provide both outdoor and indoor seating but I chose to be inside as it was drizzling lightly unfortunately.

There were few patrons filling up the tables outside and none inside. We were the first customer inside at 11:30AM. The first thing that you noticed when you entered is their Special Menu displayed on board and the selections of desserts on display. The owner greeted us with smile and brought out the menu to us.

After a hard time choosing what to order, I finally gave in to the temptation of the big brekkie and of course chai latte for the drink :)
The Chai Latte unfortunately lacks the herby spice note but strangely a strong vanilla syrup. Its not bad, its just not as what I expected a chai latte to be :)

However, the Big Brekkie was a total hit! A classic Aussie Big Brekkie with perfectly fried eggs with gooey yolk in the middle, bacon, sausages, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and sourdough breads. I really couldn't ask for a much better food in front of me there and then!

Big Brekkie $18
For Beb, Hazelnut Flat White and Wagyu Burger which comes with Pumpkin Chips. Tried pumpkin chips for the first time, turned out to be actually yummy :) The buns were soft and the patty was juicy :)

Wagyu Burger $15.90
Hazelnut Flat White
We were so full and happy at the end of our brunch and there were more people coming in for their lunch :) I bet they're the locals living nearby

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