Friday, July 11, 2014

Three Williams, Redfern

I finally got the chance to try this place out. Mr.P told me that he took a day off last Wednesday for his intern briefing and so I thought it was a great chance to visit Three Williams during weekdays to escape from weekend queues :) We arrived at 12:30PM and the place was quite empty.

We were immediately seated at the back of the restaurant near the kitchen. And thankfully at that spot the lightning was alright..

The place is very spacious in my opinion, which is a good thing so everything looks neat and organised unlike other places that is overly crowded with tables that it's hard to move and doesn't look too good from the outside ^^

So first we ordered our coffee hit of the day. Mr.P as usual got the Mocha. He thought that the mocha has more choc milk note than coffee. I do think that it needs more coffee note to it :)

Mocha $4
 Mr.M and a new friend of mine Mr.T got the flat white. I didn't taste it but it seems that they're just fine ^^

Flat White $3.50
 For me, I got the Chai Latte. It has a good cinnamony herby note but again too milky to my liking. I would love to have more spice in it :)

Chai Latte $4
 Now let's move on to the foods. I got a recommendation to try out the fish croquettes and chips which I did. The fish croquette was deep fried to golden crisp, with smooth potato-ey lemony filling inside. For me the aioli complement the croquette really well!

Fish Croquette $3ea
 I was hesitant at first to order the chips. For $7 I thought might get something else but I don't want any regret for not trying it so I ended up ordering. And Omg it was so goood! Fluffly and light in the inside and just the right crisp on the outside of this amazing beer battered chips! The exact same chips as the one in Streetsoul Burger. And again their House aioli was creamy and delish!
Chips $7
 Mr P & Mr. M ordered The Big Williams which consist of a potato hash, sausages, bacon, grilled tomato and eggs of your choice on a sourdough bread. When it arrives, I saw a smile on Mr.M face as he never had any luck with portion size in brunch spot until today ;p But another unfortunate thing happened to him -- one of his egg was overcooked, poor him... Apart from that, the Big William tick every boxes a big brekkie should have!
The Big William $18
 For me and Mr.T, we ordered the Beef Narnies which is filled with glazed beef brisket, slaw, gherkins and chipotle mayo. There are a lot of texture in this simple dish. The beef brisket were tender and juicy, the amount of slaw and gherkins were just enough to give that tanginess to the dish and I though that it needs a little bit more of the mayo :) But apart from that, it was a great dish, especially dipped in the House Aioli :)

Beef Narnies $15
Then we reach the Grand Finale of our brunch, it's time for Crunchy French Brioche! I was curious for a long time now why does this thing is so famous even until today, after many many reviews about it... Well, it is never too late to try yummy foods :)
The thick slab of brioche is dipped in eggs, covered with panko breadcrumbs and pan fried to this cripsy crunchy goodie.. It is topped with a dollop of yoghurt, walnuts, fresh berries and drizzled with just enough maple syrup. There were a lot of texture and flavours in this one dish! And now I know why it is very popular and I personally highly recommend it ^^
French Brioche $15
Found this kids corner with a huge chalkboard available for little kiddies to scribble and be creative without having their mom yelling at them "vandalising" walls ;p

Overall, coming to Three Williams has been a great experience to me. With a good company and great foods what more can you ask. On top of that, this place has the best customer service for me. The staffs are all very friendly, attentive and never stop smiling~ The service are fast too.

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  1. oh man i really want that crunchy french toast!!

    1. Its addictive! :) My regret was I shared that dish among 4 of us T.T hehe

  2. I don't think that French toast has ever failed in winning people over! So deliciously crunchy yet soft in the middle :)

    1. Yeah,, I still wonder how they made it so yummy! I will try to make it myself heheheh :)


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