Saturday, May 10, 2014

Kofoo, Chinatown

Having lunch alone was never ever happen before. I don't know why but I find it a little awkward to go into a restaurant by yourself, order and eat. Well, My friend told me that I have to try it at least once. And so I did. Walk past Kofoo on my "day off" and saw the lunch special for $6.99, I thought too myself, ehh why not. The place was still quite empty when I arrived.

Didn't realized that the last time I visited this place was in September 2013! Boy time flies.. This time, the staff was really friendly and attentive. The restaurant is decorated with all Korean Pictures and writings :)

Pork belly (150g) for $9 per person, what a bargain! I'll definitely come back to try that outt..

Not long After I'm seated, I saw at least three other people coming to eat alone! I don't feel weird now. It just hit me, people do eat alone and there's nothing wrong with that ;p
I love their banchan this time! The fish cake has a smoky note to it, they also have the angel noodle hair salad and their dressing is yummy, so creamy and milky. I gotta try putting milk with mayo together :)

For mains, I ordered the Dwenjang Jigae which is the soy bean soup and Fried Dumplings (Mandu).
Dwenjang jigae is pretty good. For the value, I think it's alright. There was 3-4 pieces of beef meats in there, the rest is just tofu, zucchini, mushrooms and onion.
Dwenjang Jigae $7
 I must say, I've tried Korean Mandu a couple of times, but I still prefer Japanese gyoza :) The dumpling is filled with mince pork, vermicilli and spring onions, served with potato and corn salad which is yummy!
Mandu $7
There goes my lunch that day.. A good meal, nice service and full tummy..
Will I dine out again by myself? Maybe.

Dear Reader,
Do you think it's weird eating out alone? Do you have any experience to share? :)

I have been curious about this new korean restaurant near chinatown.. The displayed menus at the front of the place looks very appetizing and the price is cheaper than usual korean place too :) So one day, I went with bebski and my brother to try this place out,,,

The unfortunate thing is that because there were only the three of us, we couldn't order as much as we want.. We were limited for food choices :( After ordering, the Banchan came out. It was less variety than other K-resto and they don't serve cabbage kimchi here but instead radish kimchi which I dont mind, it still has a good crunch to it . But I would always love seeing fishcakes / diced potato / beansprout for Banchan ;P

The cheese dokbukki is really delicious.. Hot, not very spicy and also the gooey cheeseee is just perfect eaten with the rice cake! Nothing can go wrong with this dish!

For the soup, we order Gamjatang which is pork ribs and potato! I love the soup.. Especially with potato noodle in it. The soup was supposed to have dumplings in the menu but apparently they forgot to out the dumplings in.. I asked for the missing dumplings but the staff wasn't really happy about it.. Wait a minute, whats with the attitude? I though customer's always right? :D

The last dish that we order is DalkGalbi, stir fried spicy chicken with vegetables. Quite yummy too, but it took a long time to cook as the chicken is raw :(

Overall, it was a good night, good dinner. Love the food that they offer here. Have to come back to try other dishes.. We didnt get the chance to try the Fried chicken, maybe nexttime! But yeah, service wasn't the best ....

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  1. Excited to try this place! There's a Kofoo opening in the Hurstville Westfield Food Court in May 2014 which is very soon!


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