Friday, May 2, 2014

The Sweet Spot Patisserie, Randwick


Whoops, a late post for this place .. Went here after our dinner in Streetsoul Burger . I've came across the name many time 'Sweet Spot Patisserie', but never get the chance to try it out. After that savoury, I would really like to have something sweet. So Bebski & I decided to meet up with the couple Ms.P & Mr.N and hang out for a bit :)

Sweet spot Patisserie opened up in Aug 2007. The owner Peter Bozikis with 20 years of experience in baking industry and his wife Angela were inspired to create a fusion of modern and traditional European dessert that serves an array of cake, pastry, sweets and pies. 
They currently just open a new branch in Waterloo as well.

The decor of the place is simple yet inviting. With a concept of white and blue colour makes the place seems bright and cozy :)

On the left side from the entrance is a cupboard full of Greek favourite sweets

Assorted Irresistibly gorgeous and elegant cakes!! Feels like getting each and everyone of it ^^ Can't believe I didn't come here sooner... The cake average price here is $5.95 which in my opinion is pretty cheap compare to others.

They also have ice cream cakes, but I accidentally deleted the pic T.T

Mr.N, as usual, he ordered a long black. That guy and Bebski are quite similar in preferences! They always get the same thing in every cafe .. Well, this is the third time I guess hanging out with Mr.N and he always got long black. Correct me if im wrong Ms.P? :)

This is not my first choice when I was looking at the cake display. I wanted to get the pistachio layered cake. But, this pink heart shape cake caught my attention with the description of lemon lime mousse, lychee and vanila sponge. Lychee and lemon lime seems to be an interesting flavour combo. Layered with vanilla sponge and shortbread biscuit base. It is so rich of flavour and the mousse being light and not too creamy. Its really lovely.

Thankfully, Ms.P bought this cake. The Pistachio layered cake that was my first choice before I got distracted from the pink heart coloured shape cake hehhe... Apparently she told me that is one of the best cake in SweetSpot, being a regular customer here, I trusted her opinion :)
The sponge are light and fluffy, not too sweet, velvety and quite nutty as well. Love it!

Pistachio & Panna Cotta - Layered of almond, pistachio, panna cotta and fresh strawberry $5.95
 Boring Bebski and His Flat White ;P Nothing much to say.. HiHiHi

Overall, it is a great place. A welcoming staff & inviting DESSERT... And the quote from Sweet Spot Patisserie.. 'Because at the end of the day, Everyone has a sweet spot' is sooo truee!!
Will definitely be back to try the cheesecake brulee!
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