Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mie Kocok Bandung, Marouba

TGIF... as usual, dine out is a must! Was so excited to have dinner in Obaltan city with Mr.N & Ms.P. Unfortunately Bebski was too tired that we cancelled the meeting with them and instead went to MKB near our place. 
MKB serves a variety of indonesian food traditionally comes from Bandung which is East of Java, with noodle being their signature dish, they also have nasi goreng, beef rendang, satays and indonesian soups. 

It was a full house when we got there at ard 6.30PM, luckily we got a table!
The restaurant is full of mostly indonesian, you can hear everyone was chatting and reading indonesian magazine.. Arghh.. Feels like home ^^

The essentials for Noodle and any dish ~~ Chilliiiiiiiii !! We also like our sweet soy sauce to accompany the fried snacks or the satays.

 Our favourite starter, the Misoa Goreng or Deep fried rice noodle and vegetable fritter. Crisp on the outside and soft and moist in the inside. Its hard to describe the flavour ;p Eaten with the mild spicy peanut sauce..
Soun Goreng $1.50ea

Bebski got the Yamine Manis. Yamien is the type of egg noodle and Manis means sweet. Served with mince chicken, mushrooms and a crispy fried wonton sheet with tiny bitty meat in the middle. The noodle is chewy, cooked to perfection and the sauce has the balance of sweetness. I personally prefer the sweet yamien noodle than the savoury one.
Yamine Manis $7.50
 I got Mie panorama. The egg noodle is topped with BBQ pork meat, steamed chicken, Fried and boiled wontons :) The difference with the yamien is that they put sesame oil in the seasoning making the noodle more aromatic and enhance the flavour of the overall dish.
MIne Panorama $9.50

Es Markisa / Passionfruit drink, A refreshing sweet drink. Small glass though hehe..

Es Markisa $3

Previous Visit

I also like their Loh mie Bandung is a Bandung style egg noodle with gravy sauce topped with mince chicken,  beansprout, mushrooms, fish balls and beef balls. The gravy is thicker than Thai gravy and the fried shallot in it complement the gravy very well.

Another Famous dish from bandung is Batagor / Fried tofu fish cake covered with spicy peanut sauce and drizzled with sweet soy sauce / kecap manis. Crispy coating, chewy fishcake and soft tofu. Nothing better than this before the noodlesssss ~~

Bebski ordered this once. It was nothing special. :) Coto Makasar, A typical indonesian beef base soup with a combination of diced beef and beef tripe. The best seller for this kind of dish are the hawkers!

Overall, MKB serves a cheap and tasty dishes. Service can be quite slow when the restaurant is full. But don't worry, the noodle is the best I've tasted anywhere in Sydney :) Not to forget the chillies!
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