Saturday, May 3, 2014

Wagyu House, Croydon

For my Bro Birthday Dinner, we went to Wagyu House in Concord. It has been a long wait until I finally get to taste the A++ Wagyu in Sydney according to my bro n his friend, Mr.B.
The place is quite unique in which it is divided into 2 area. The area on the left side of the entrance is the butcher area, where you choose which meats and the right side area is where you cook and eat. They charge $5pp for the cost of dining in but they will keep on changing the BBQ mesh for free!

The chosen meats will be given to the butcher to be cut so it'll be easier for us later to grill them and then will be delivered to our table by the waiter using the red shopping basket you've seen in supermarket ;P

This is pretty much the dining area. I like how they use the smoke suction so there'll be no choking and teary eyes from the BBQ :) There was not so many people dining as it was a thursday night.

On our table, a set of sauce and salad has been serve for each one of us...

The meat that we got are: Pork Belly (samgyupsal), Beef ribs, Pork Neck, Beef tongue ANd.....

WAGYU!!! Can't believe, they are $150 $$$$ So expensive! But its worth it!

Another thing that I love from this place is unlimited of lettuce! Hehehe.. This is a proper KBBQ! Eating the meat won't be perfect without the lettuce..... ~~

Almost immediately after we sat down, the Banchan came. 12 different types of side dishes came! It was colourful and so many variants. My favourite should be the beansprout and the soy chicken pieces. The kimchi is too fermented which I don't like...

Wagyu time ~~ We left the Wagyu for the last. It really melts in the mouth and so juicy! But I still love the juicy, cripsy pork belly and the sweet and well marinated beef short ribs more than the wagyu heheh..

Can't believe my eyes when the soup arrives! The portion can literally feed 4-5 people.. It was hugeee... The beef ribs is so tender that it falls of the bone and the cabbage is soft but still quite crunchy, the soup is light and yet tasty! Highly Recommended!
Beef  Wagyu Ribs Spicy Stew $16
Overall Dining experience is great! The staff is really friendly and attentive. The let down is the portion of the meat. They packed the meat in the middle of two cling wrap layer to make it looks like there is lot in it. T.T
Oh well, as long as they taste good...

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