Monday, May 19, 2014

Del la France, Chinatown

Del la France is located on the corner of George st and has always been a busy cafe every time I passed by. After lunch, we meet up with Mr.P and decided to have a coffee in the city and finally try this place out. Thankfully it was not as busy as usual, even though the outdoor seating was full, we still managed to find a table inside.

The decor inside the place was quite interesting, it has an old french cafe ambiance. They not only sell coffee and dessert but also pies, baguettes and crepes.

I was sooo tempted to get the pies as everything looks so goood! Too bad I had buffet before and my tummy was so full that I can only droolssss looking at them T.T

 The DIY Baguettes station where you can choose fillings of your choice and they made freshly for you :) I would definitely try it next time !

As usual, Bebski got his Flat white with Hazelnut syrup. In my opinion, the coffee is too bitter and the hazelnut syrup is too much that it overpowers the whole drink. But Bebski didn't mind it and told me that a real coffee should have a bitter note to it ;P

Flat White $4.40
I got the Mocha and again, the chocolate is bitter as well and too strong :( I ended up giving it to Mr.P heheh! When I checked in to the place through foursquare, one of the tips is to get their ice chocolate mocha... Which I will next time I visit. It looks yummy and I just realized that almost every table got it :(

Mocha $4.40
Visiting french cafe is not complete without trying their croissant. I loveee croissant, from all bakery goods, I always can't resist croissant. The fluffy soft chewy texture is the reason why I love it! So I got the mini croissant which I thought it's not a 'mini' but instead a good portion and well priced croissant :)

Mini Croisant $2.90
I will come back here again and now I know why this place is always buzzing with people! Their pastries must be awesome despite the bitter coffee which might be just my opinion.. ^^

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