Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kanzi Fashion Cafe, Haymarket

I came to know the existence of Melon-Bing-Soo is because I follow IAteMywayThru Instagram and saw the pics during their MeetUp! I googled the place and saw that the dessert is from Kanzi Fashion Cafe. Never heard of that place before. Went after my brunch in Mad Spuds and never realized that it is located below the famous Golden Century Seafood restaurant. Next to the cafe is the shop where they sell Women's clothing and accesories.

The decor inside is pretty victorian and princess-y I would say :) Unfortunately the fancy seats and tables has been taken inside so we seated ourselves outside.

Without looking further into the menu, I asked for the melon-bing-soo and take another peek for other desserts that they got but decided to wait for the melon-bing-soo to come then decide if other dessert is needed ;P

Waited for 15mins and then one of the cute staff brought out the Massive Green Looking dessert from afar! It was HUgeee!! My thought of getting another dessert just died at that moment ...
They scraped out the melon flesh into a pingpong size balls, replacing it with a considerable amount of shaved ice, topped with the melon balls, melon ice cream (Maybe Melona) and a generous scoop of Vanilla ice cream and drizzled with condensed milk....

While gulping down the ice cream, I take another look at their menu both displayed and on the paper, there was no melon-bing-soo anywhere. So I asked the Cute Guy why isn't it up there. He said that they are changing the menu currently but melon-bing-soo will always be there. So for you guys that are thinking to visit this place, don't worry if u can't find it on the menu, just asked! ^^

Other desserts that they have... I'm really tempted to try the Mango Mousse next time~~

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