Monday, June 2, 2014

A trip to Flemington...

Venturing the Suburb of Flemington. A compilation of 2 visits in this review. The first one was with my friends and the second one was with mom yesterday :) As she extends her stay in Sydney til next week and she has seen pretty much everything here, so I decided to take her to Flemington cause she loves Vietnamese pork chop and to shop in Sydney's Market for it's cheap fruits and veggies.

Pho Toan Thang
Our first stop is to have lunch in Pho Toan Thang which well known for their pho. We arrived at 12:30PM and there were a long queue already. Luckily, we only waited for 10mins :)

The place is quite small but the customer turnover is fast. I can hardly see anyone chit chatting, everyone is busy eating. Another sign that the foods are delicious that they don't have time to talk ;p

They serve both Vietnamese cuisine and Chinese cuisine. But of course, coming here this far, we'll order Vietnamese foods :)

For starter, we got the spring roll. I always loved Viet's spring roll. Especially the ones that My colleague's mom likes to make. The fillings consist of mince pork, mushrooms, vermicilli and carrot deep fried to a crispy golden brown rolls.
Spring Rolls 5 for $6.50
My mom ordered pork chop on tomato rice. The pork chop is lip-smackingly good! It has a thin layer of crispiness to it and juicy meat underneath. The tomato rice is depth with flavour and fried with eggs as well. The portion of the food is generous. It can feed 2 people! But my mom, as hungry as she is, managed to finish everything by herself :p

Pork Chop on Tomato Rice $10.50
For me, I got the crispy chicken instead of the pork chop. The chicken is crispy and juicy as well but for me, Tan Viet still serves the best crispy skin chicken. The best part of this dish is to dip the chicken in the nuoc cham sauce, let the the meat immersed in the sauce and don't forget to have the chopped spicy vietnamese chilli in it as well! yum~~
Crispy skin Chicken in Tomato Rice $10.50
Another dish that we ordered is the seafood flat rice noodle. It has a good smoky wok aroma but unfortunately it misses some salty and sweet punch for a stir fry flat rice noodle (which can be easily overcome with soy sauce and chopped chilli ;p). Apart from that, the seafood is fresh and cause we were so full that we ended up taking it home

Seafood flat rice noodle $13.50

We got out from the place at around 1:45PM and look at the queue!!!

It's pretty clear why the queue is worth the wait. Not only the food are well portioned and taste great but also the price is pretty cheap! What more can you ask... The service is fast and the staffs still have smiles on their faces unlike some other busy places.
Will definitely be back to try other dishes!!

A Photo of the Pho from my first visit :)

Pho Toan Thang on Urbanspoon

The Darikka's Bakehouse
First time I came to Flemington, near the train station, Darikka's bakehouse was the first shop to be seen. It was pretty busy during lunch and I saw people getting the rolls. As the purpose of our journey that day was for culinary along inner-west area, so we got the chicken roll / Banh mi to share among the four of us. 

The bread is crispy on the outside and fluffy in the inside. It was pretty good even though it's not as good as Hongha's bread. The filling is not too much as well, which was good thing so it was easier for us to eat while standing.

Happy Snack Cafe House
Another place that we came across is a small cheerful cafe located across the train station. There were a lot of people when we arrived for an arvo snack. Most of them got banh mi and the iced coffee and that's exactly what we got. 

Cause we tried the chicken banh mi from Darikka's, its time for the pork banh mi! The iced coffee is great but unfortunately the banh mi did not deliver. It was okay but not great ...

Will come back here again to try other dishes! They have a 

Happy Snack Cafe House on Urbanspoon

Sydney's Market, Flemington

Fruits and Veggies sold in bulk ! Can't believe we got a box of orange for only $10 and a box of sweetpotato for only $3! The prices get cheaper and cheaper throughout the evening. They started shouting about prices and their goods to get customer's attention as they sell similar type of fruits and veggies.

Inside the market, you can find a number of Doner kebab trucks selling wraps, shish kebabs, corn dogs, Gozleme and others.

Even though we had lunch before, the temptation of hot chewy cheesy gozleme is irrestisible that I ended up getting a box of the chicken, mushroom and cheese! The kebab wraps looks good as well.... maybe next time.....

Gozleme $5
Apart from the perishable goods, in the market, there are also some other things such as the watch repairer place, Nuts & Crackers and also household needs. In addition, they also sell fresh seafood here.

The Stuff that we got! Cheap price leads to impulse buying.. I hope we can finish those sweet potatoes before it gets spoiled.

That's pretty much the end of our Flemington visit.. Eat, Eat and Eat ^^


  1. ah good ol flemo, so many delicious cheap eats!

  2. yes! I can't wait to come back here :)


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