Friday, June 20, 2014

Brewtown Newtown, Newtown

A buzzing brunch spot in town! It has been sitting in '10 mostly recently reviewed and blogged about' in Urbanspoon. Last Sunday I decided to check this place out to see what the hype is all about. To be honest, Newtown is not in my go-to suburb as it is always hard to find parking space. But I'll just have to manage ;p I arrived in Newtown area at around 11AM and it was already hard to find a parking space. And on top of that, it started to drizzle light T.T So bebski told me to write our name down the waiting list with Mr.P while he'll look for a spot.

It was 11AM and we were told that the waiting time is 35mins! I couldn't even bother thinking of going to another place as I skimmed briefly in Jagernaut's post that he went in December and the waiting time was already 20mins ;p

I also learned that Brewtown Newtown was once before a bookstore called Berkelouw Books and it still can be seen on the sign. Next to the main entrance is a small door with steps leading you to the second floor of the place. The first thing that you see once you reached the top is this clothing store.

To the right is where they sell the amazing Cronut Affogato! Unfortunately it was close that day .. Too bad T.T Advise from my Sister is that Gnome which is the sister shop of Brewtown Newtown have the cronut affogato in a proper serving, while in Newtown they serve it in a cup to go :)

Disappointed that I couldn't taste the affogato felt that our waiting time has been prolonged T.T After exactly 35mins, we were finally seated. Without any further ado, we ordered our drinks.
I got the usual mocha with Mr.P, Bebski got his Flat white (No pics)

The mocha is milky and creamy with the right chocolate and bitter note to it. It's a lovely cuppa mocha. One thing that I realized is that, this is the first mocha that I don't have to add sugar to it. Usually I'll add at least 1-2 tsp of sugar ;p

Mocha $3.50

Both Bebski & Mr.P got the elvis burger with Cronut replacing the buns and filled with juicy beef patty, creamy mayo, canadian bacon and Gruyere, served with chips and tomato relish. The cronut is light and fluffy, which complemented the meats really well. Bebski can't get enough of the mayo, he loved it! I can't get enough of the tomato relish, the herbs that they put in there is amazing, nuff said!! ^^ 
Elvis Burger $16.50
I was torn between the squid ink pasta or the crispy blue eye cod. Chorizo has always been my weakness point and so I surrender to THE Calling of chorizo pieces in spinach at the bottom of the Crispy fish. The fish was fried to golden perfection with the flesh still being moist and succulent! For me the spinach needs a bit more salt to bring out those flavours but no biggie, I can always add it in. Overall, I love this dish!!

Crispy Blue Eye Cod $17
Because we had waited for quite a long time, getting one dish each wasn't satisfying enough for me. So I ordered this Mini Brioche with ham and poached egg with Hollandaise sauce. I was imagining a slider size brioche bun, but it turns out to be a pretty good size brioche! I want to treat it as a side dish/snack but apparently it was as big as the usual portion! I also added the black sausage as the sides.

Must I say the black sausage was amazing, punch of flavours in that black little thingy! The brioche bun was soft, the egg, not much said... Egg POrnnn!!! The ham is well grilled and everything just goes well together.. Another great dish :)
Mini Egg Benedit Bioche Roll $8.50 
You are not a Brewtown-Er until you try their Cronuts! First we thought we could have a cronut each or at least 2 cronuts among us 3, but we were wrong. Too full to have 2, so we decided to try this Chocolate combo cronut with crunchy bits on top. Glossy looking cronut, which is fluffly and yet stillhas a good bite to it. Filled with just the right amount of custard and topped with melted chocolate, yummm~~~

Overall, I was impressed by this place! The service is great, the waiter didn't even need pen and paper to take our order, she memorized every bits and pieces! The waiting time is nothing when u've tried their foods, seriously, it's like forgetting what labor pains feels like when you see the baby ;p

I Highly Highly Recommend this place! Can't wait to go back soon... Maybe during weekdays ;p
Ps: They serve Sparkling water instead of tab. Might a positive point for some of you hehehe^^
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  1. I loved the Elvis Burger! Still yet to try their famous cronuts!

    1. Have a go and tell me what you think :) I also have yet to try their affogato T.T

  2. It's positive. I'm the last food blogger to visit this place haha. I would really love to try their cronuts!

    1. hehehe.. Let's go to Brewtown ;p I loveee their cronuts!


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