Monday, June 9, 2014

Albee's Kitchen, Campsie

Went to Campsie with my Mom and Bro for lunch. I decided to take her to Albee's Kitchen. Even though I have tried the one in Kingsford and the foods are pretty ordinary, but I have read so many reviews saying that Albee's in Campsie are different and they serve delicious Malaysian cuisine.

The place is pretty small but full of diners. I arrived around 1PM and we were seated at the end of the restaurant. I passed a couple of tables and saw the portion of the food that is humongous! We were so hungry that it didn't take too long for us to decide what we want :)

To start our meal, I ordered one of their famous Curry puff to share between us three. My mom didn't really like it cause it has that Malaysian Curry that is quite profound. Which I love! The fillings consist of mince chicken, sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, and boiled eggs. The pastry is flaky and light.. It's a good dish to takeaway for an arvo snack or a late supper :)
Karipap or Curry Puff $2.50
My mom was torn apart between ordering the thick soup flat rice noodle or the Char kuey teow and she ended up with the later. I must say, Albee's in Campsie serves a delicious, wok smoky char kuey teow! It hits every flavours what this dish should have. On top of that, the seafood is fresh and the noodle is perfectly cooked that it still has the chewiness! Not to mention the portion... It can literally feed 2 hungry people.

Char kuey Teow $10.50

My brother ordered the Nasi Lemak with Nam Yu Pork Ribs. Nam Yu is red fermented beancurd. The pork ribs are marinated in it, then dusted with flour and deep fried to crunchiness! The pork has some fat in it but it is so good and juicy. The sambal is not very spicy but it complemented the dish really well. The rice itself is called nasi lemak. Lemak means fat. This is because the rice has been cooked with coconut milk/cream which contains quite a percentage of fat and the aromatic comes from the Pandan leaves.
Nasi Lemak with nam Yu Pork ribs $12.50
For me, I was tempted with the food that the table behind me had. It was the Loh mee! A bowl of thick noodle in thickened soup served with eggs,  prawns, pork slices, crispy pork lard (yum!!) and vegetables. It is huge! The people behind me was sharing between the three of them and here I am, trying to eat it by myself ;p I ended up leaving it behind as I was tooooo full to finish everything. Oh, how I missed Mr.P right now as he usually is the black hole for foods ;P (hehehehe!)

Loh Mee $12.50
I also ordered the Ngoh Hiong or pork roll. It is some kind of a sausage filled with mince pork and seafood, rolled up in a bean curd sheet and deep fried. My mom and Bro didn't like it so in the end I have to eat half of it and take away the rest. The Ngoh Hiong itself has an acquired taste, it has a strong Chinese Five Spice note that may be offensive to some people like my Bro ;p

Ngoh Hiong 1 roll for $8.80
What I can concludes from my visit here are the taste and portion of the foods are totally different from the one in Kingsford, the food are portioned generously and the price is cheaper as well! I would recommend people to try Albee's in Campsie even though you live in Eastern Suburb ;p
Would definitely come back to try other yummy foods they have ^^

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  1. love albees! their assam laksa is awesome!

    1. Awhh.. I almost order that! will try it next time :)

  2. so many delicious dishes to choose from! :D

    1. I know right.. one trip wont be enough to try all their delicious foods ^^


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