Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bibim To Mix, Darlinghurst

Normal day at work but abnormal appetite as suddenly I crave for Bibimbap when reading through some food blogs. I found out about this small place in Darlinghurst where their main food is Bibimbap and also their priority is to make healthy food delicious..

So bibimbap is a korean soul food where there are two ways to eat it. You either use a regular bowl or the hot stone bowl that make your rice goes crispy at the bottom.. Basically, it is eating rice with toppings such as spinach, beansprout, carrot, mushroom with mince meat of your choice, sunny side up eggs and the "sauce". This sauce is mainly made from the Korean red pepper paste or gochujang, sesame oil, minced garlic and sugar -- you can make it at home too, its quite simple :)

To start with, I ordered Kimchi Mandu (Kimchi and Pork dumplings..
Kimchi mandu ($7.50)

My choice is the beef bibimbap with regular bowl, as I don't like my rice crispy.. I also upgraded it to include Banchan (korean side dishes - 3 of them). After one spoonfull of the bibimbap.. I literally feel so satisfied that I can satisfied my cravings for it. It is healthy and it is so yummy...!!
Beef bibimbap ($9.50 + $3 banchan)
I looked through the menu and found Galbijim in it. I remembered my friend asking me If i have ever attempted to make galbijim before.. So I was curious what was the taste of the dish and so I ordered them too. It was a surprised to me to see that the dish was actually a set menu with rice and banchan included. I thought it was only the soup... Well, eating out with guys means rice will never going to be wasted he he..
Galbijim ($22)

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