Thursday, December 27, 2012

In the Mood for Thai, Paramatta

Paramatta is not a suburb on my go-to list unless the reason of visit is to eat! I was on the hunt to try out Temasek for a long time now and we decided to visit the place a day after boxing day and foolish us, we didn't check weather they open or not and unfortunately they don't!

Bebski, Mr.P and I were starving and so we just entered any restaurant we can see nearby. Luckily, we found this thai place on the corner and they were swarmed with people having lunch and the smell of the stir fries and the burnt smoky wok lure us straight in.

We looked through the lunch menu and we made up or mind what to order.
For me going to Thai restaurant, it will always be either pad thai, pad see ew or anything with pork belly in it. Unfortunately they don't serve crispy pork belly here and so I got the Hokkien Noodle in Oyster sauce. The noodle still has its chewiness and the oyster sauce along with the sweet soy sauce covered the noodle nicely. The chicken was well marinated and not to mention the portion was humongous!

Chicken Hokkien Noodle $9.90
 Bebski and his Satay sauce stir fry! He got the chicken in satay sauce stir fry which also came with a pile of veggies! He was starving and basically got no choice so he gulp everything off the plate ...

Chicken in Satay sauce $9.90
 Mr.P got the green curry with chicken that also comes with steamed rice. I thought that the curry was prettu mild and that it needs more punchy curry note in it :)

Green Curry Chicken $9.90
The foods was alright, not bad for a quick lunchie... :) Bit disappointed though cause Temasek was closed but it's just gonna be another reason for me to visit Paramatta again ^^

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Genki Ramen, Artarmon

This is my first time visiting the suburb of Artarmon. Bebski & I decided to try Genki Ramen as I saw posts from various food bloggers and we were very curious on the curry and the ramen.
The place itself is located near the train station. The area is filled with Japanese goodies from restaurants til Japanese Supermarket. 

For starter, we ordered the Gyoza. The fillings were generous and meaty. Not too oily unlike in other places. The size was pretty big as well.

5 pieces for $6
We decided to order both Ramen and Curry Rice. We got the Tahkana Ramen. Noodle in broth soup with spicy japanese pickles and roast pork. It was not our favourite :( The soup just lacks those rich flavour and the takana was a let down :( This is the first time we didn't finish a ramen!!

Tahkana Ramen $11.50
 For the second dish to share, we ordered the curry rice which consist of Japanese style beef on the rice. This is also our first time having curry with beef slices in it instead of chicken or pork katsu. It was surprisingly delicious!! In my opinion, their curry sauce is one of the best. Every time we went out to eat curry rice, I will end up not finishing the sauce as it was too much, but this time, I can finish the whole thing!!
Highly Recommended!!

Curry Rice $11.50

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Next Balance Thai, Balgowlah

Wednesday, 5th Dec 2012

It was one of those days when my bf got a day off and he visited me at work and we had lunch together :) It was always exciting to have someone accompanying you for lunch during working days. I always spent my lunch time in front of my computer watching Kdramas :p 

We went to Stockland Balgowlah and were looking around to find a place to eat. We don't feel like having sushi or sandwich. Then we look at this Thai place called Next balance Thai.

I had the chicken Pad see ew - Thick fried rice noodle with eggs vegetables and sweet soy sauce. It was good especially with the addition of chilli powder. 

Chicken Pad see ew $12.90
 My bf - a guy who can't get through the day without rice :P
Chicken with oyster sauce stir fried $11.90
The restaurant was ok but not great. May be I have to try other dishes..?

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