Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Lazy Suzie, Darlinghurst

Lazy Suzie is a new Malaysian Eatery at Stanley St in Darlinghurst where they specialized in Malaysian cuisine. Lazy Suzie is under the same management as Devon Cafe. So I was pretty stoked to try out what's on their menu.

We went there on a Sunday and thankfully since it's pretty new, there wasn't any queue when we arrived. Waiting for the mains to arrive, we ordered this Matcha Fondant which was quite dense for me but rich in Matcha flavour and most importantly. it wasn't too sweet.

Also bought the Cronuts which I thought would be better if they can slightly heat it up ;P But we still manage to finidh everything off ...

Le Le Let me intoduce you to the awesomeeee Char Kwe Tiau I've had so far in Sydney. It may not taste or look like the usual thing that many places in Sydney have but this one is the closest taste that I can find to the one we have back homeee ~~ Even though the price can be too overly through the roof for a fried rice noodle dish, but it's totally worth your money! They got a choice of $17 or $25 (with extra servings of seafood) like the pic below. The wok taste is there, the chewy delicious noodle is justtt noms!

Lam Mee - Traditional Birthday Noodle. Noodles soup serve with pork broth, Omelette and Sambal Prawn. The soup is on the subtle prawn-y side, if you're not familiar with the taste, it may taste bland especially after eating the sharp Char kwe tiau. It wasn't the fave of mt friends, but I actually don't mind it :)

Now this right here is another must order dish! Aunty Jenny's Roti Baby - Spiced pork fried bread with eggs. Yes fried bread! Served with a side of soy sauce and chopped chilli, just the perfect way to eat it!!

Anddd.... what we all be waiting forrr.. ABC shaved ice! Shaved Blue pea flower ice, Bubur cha cha and Taro Ice cream! It's not only the pretty colour of the photogenic dessert, it actually tasted amazeballs! It can be again exxy for $14 for such a small dessert, but oh god its soo worth it! :) In loveeee so much with this icy dessert!

Will definitely be back for the rice noodle and ABC shaved ice! Might come for dinner and tried their pork belly satayy, drooolss~!!

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Wild Pear Cafe, Dural

A very late post to my visit to Wild Pear Cafe in Dural. I think it was Australia Day holiday or something that we decided to visit this cafe... There was a looongggg waitttt at the cafe, we waited for atleast an hour for a table. When we decided to leave for another place, that's when we got called and provided with a table heehe..

I've seen a lot of photos from this place especially the ones with that pinky fairy floss thingy! The drink tasted like what we have in Indo.. Mixture of Milk with rosey syrup topped with the fairy floss :) It was too sweet for me but for bebski it was just perfect ;P

Mr.M got their Steak sandwich which was very generously portioned but he said that the beef was too overly done.. I thought it was okay :)

I got their Prawn Linguini with lemon, garlic, chilli, basil and parmesan. Prawns were fresh but it needed a bit more salt and garlic in my opinion to bring out the flavour more!

My bro and his gf order the corn fritter. Forgot the description of this but I thin it's a healthy one hence the taste wasn't that good according to them ;P

Since it was The Australia Day, they got this special Lamington Cheesecake up on the menu. Soft sponge of the lamington and creaminess from the cheesecake is just amazing! Lamington cheesecake is a brilliant comboooo!! Really can't get enough of ittttt :) I hope they keep it on the menu!

The very Instafamous Pavlova! Turkish Deligh Smashed Pavlova. Very refreshing and yummy for the tastebuds! Now wonder they're so famous besides being photogenic ;0

So the verdict is the desserts are better than the mains! I've seen some interesting foods from their breakfast menu, may be I should give this cafe another go and comeas early as I can :)

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