Saturday, March 19, 2016

COOH, Alexandria

Healthy option for Breakfast and Lunch but didn't hit the mark for me.. The place is located where Vicinity used to be and it's just across The Grounds in Alexandria.. Might be a good second option when u gotta wait too long for the Grounds ;P

Saturday, March 12, 2016

INDU Dining, Sydney CBD

INDU, a South Indian inspired restaurant opens up in Sydney recently and their food has been a hyped among foodies lately. This was a late post, I'visited the place months ago with 5 other foodies and we enjoyed everything that we ordered~!

First, we ordered from the DOSA BAR, Smoked Goat's leg, Zucchini Ribbon Raita, pomegranate, Chilli and Bacon jam. There is nothing not to love from this dish! the Goat's leg was just soo tasty and we did eat it the right way, by ripping the dosa and using our hands~ "_ So much funnn

Second starter that we picked was the Sesame rolled beetroot croquettes of hung yoghurt, green chilli, Ginger & Garlic raita. It came in 4 pieces and this little croquette sure does deliver a big flavour! A must order dish in INDU

For accompaniment, we ordered from THE VILLAGE section and got the Beetroot & Apple Raita, Walnut, and fresh Mint.
Raita $6
Now, the real game begins! when this badboys reached the table, the aromatic fragrance of this dish has caught my heart almost straight away! Slow Braised Devilled Beef cheek with Kachumber salad. After the first bite, U'll know why the word "devilled" is there! It's fiery hot! peppery and chilli spicy. I reallyyy lovee it! this dish can literally make me sweat and it's just awesome!

One of their famous dish is The Great Lamb Raan. Marinated and slow roasted over 48 hours with yoghurt and spice, fresh mint and chutney. They got an option for half/full serve and of course we go for the full.  When this dish arrive, we were asking for a knife to cut them through, the waitress told us that we wouldn't need such thing as the meat is so tender and she was right! Oh my gOood. The tenderness of the meat is no joke and the flavour is just rich and meaty. Another great meat dish here :)

Full serve $80
Now this pretty looking dish is their 5-spice Crusted Barramundi, string hoppers, tumeric and coconut molee. I'm not so impressed with the flavour, may be just because I'm not a great fan of fish in the first place. Or may be after that rich flavours of the meat dishes covers the subtle flavour of the barramundi to my palate. I didn't say its doesn't taste good, it's just not to my preferences :)
Now here come the dessert, we ordered everything they have on the menu ;P..

First, we had the Caramelised Pineapple, cardamom dulce le leche, chilli & ginger granita, yoghurt jelly.

Gulab Jamun rolled in Coconut Sand, Saffron Anglaise, kashimiri honeycomb Shards

Watermelon and Mint Popsicle

White Chocolate & Coconut Cream, Caramelised pomegranate & Fig

Verdict of the dessert, hmm hard to say, my fave would be the last two on my post above. Some of the foodies said they weren't to impress with the desserts. So my money would definitely be on the savoury dishes!

Great atmosphere of the place, it can be too dark for Photography but luckily, the restaurant manager was generous enough that they've placed us in their "special spot" in the restaurant with big tables and very good lighting :) Service was great too and I will definitely be back for the pork belly curry!

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O Organic Produce Cafe, Surry HIlls

Run by Balinese, O Organic cafe offers not only healthy dishes but also they ensure yumminess and freshness in every elements of the dish! Went here on a Sunday with my foodie troops and as there were 7 of us, its pretty hard to find a table since the place itself is not too spacey.

The cafe is located next to fouratefive and my sister is the one who recommended it to me and specifically mentioning the green chilli brown fried rice to order :)

And so we did.. With many other dishes and also some complimentary fishes from the generous chef itself :)

Unlike any other fried rice, u don't really feel that guilt of having a plate full of carbs and being fried has the stereotype of being "oily", this brown fried rice (Ali's Balinese Fried Rice) actually has more veggies than the rice :) Healthy but still got the authentic Indonesian Fried rice taste and especially with the side of the Green Chilli sauce, which is not as hot as i thought it would be, maybe cause it has been adjusted to spiciness level for Australians ;p

Ali's Balinese Fired Rice $17.50
Next to come is the Scrambled Tofu,, such an exciting dish and I thought at first the flavour and texture won't but I needed to correct my thought after a but of this heavenly dish :)  It comes with mushrooms, capsicum, green beans, garlic, chilli, herbs, avocado, mix leaf & Sourdough. 

Scrambled Tofu $16.50
One Egg Omelette - Meredith goats curd, herbs, baby leaf & Toasted Sourdough is another simple but yet satisfying meal for breakfast or even lunch! Especially with the addition of smoked salmon :)

One Egg Omelette $18.50
The most glorious in picture and in taste is this dish below... Sauteed Mushroom with feta, herbs and sourdough. We did add grilled haloumi to it which Ms.N, Mr.M and my fave thing! Anything with mushroom can never go wrong hehhee..

sauteed Mushroom $16.50
Last but not the least, Acai Breakfast Bowl, as usual, we need something sweet to end the feast so we got this pretty Acai Bowl. It was good but I still prefer Culture Bean's. I think that cafe has nailed the best Acai Bowl ;p

Acai Bowl $13.50
The generous Chef, Ali, prepared us a complimentary Buckwheat and Cacao Pancake with Banana, Ricotta, Date Butter, and Agave Blueberry Syrup . I don't fancy buckwheat pancake especially after tasting my first one in COOH and I'm a bit skeptical about trying another one. But trust me, this buckwheat pancake taste soooo good, buttery, chewy and soft! Even bebski who never liked healthy food was cleaning off the plate ;P
Buckwheat and cacao Pancake $15.50
Another complimentary from the chef is this cute mini cup of set chia pudding.. Not sure if it's on the menu or not, We were just grateful that we got to taste some of dishes this place can offer :)

Overall, I think that they foods are well priced considering the large portion. The place can be a tricky one regarding large groups but I'm so thankful that they made the effort to sit us together within a reasonable time and service was great too!

Thanks for the hospitality, I', surely will be backk .^^. 

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

West Juliett, Marickville

Went to West juliette with two other friends.. The cafe was not as busy on a Thursday and we ordered the smashed avo and pulled pork salad. The foods are alright but not that great..

We came there for the cookie since we heard they serve the best cookie ;P
It sure do tasted great but I still prefer Bourke st bakery's cookie :)

But not a bad cafe for a suburb like Marrickville :)

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