Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Harry's, Bondi

I asked my Sister one evening, where shud I go for brunch this Sunday. Wihtout any hesitation she told me to try our Harry's in Bondi. She said they serve simple but amazing food and they got a pretty hotcakes as well like the one we had in Melbourne.

I was so excited so I called my Foodie friends and 7 of us went there ^^ We queue for about 30mins and then we finally were seated in the last table in the corner of the cafe.. The biggest table they got and good thing it was in the corner cause there will be a lot of talking and pictures taking ruckus from our table hehe..

Our table was also pretty close to the half open kitchen so we can monitor the pretty dishes coming out from the kitchen ;P

I got a tendency to order Latte now instead of Chai latte.. I think Melbourne did spoils me with great coffee that I love drinking them now even though not on a regular basis. The coffee was okay for me, cause I like a really strong burnt coffee note than a mild ones.

Mr.R ordered the Good Food Month recommended dish called Toast 2 Roast - Roast Chicken, tarragon, mushrooms, kale on duck fat toast with bacon crema. did not get a chance to try it out but Mr.R said it was great :) Good enough for me to write a review lol...

Toast 2 Roast - $25
Some of us ordered the Pulled Pork Burger which comes with sunny side up, bacon, coffee jam and an extra order for the sweet potato chips that was realllllyyyy good. Can't stop munching on it! The Chilli paste that comes with it complement the burger really well.

Pulled pork burger extra Chips $20
 Mr.P ordered the Beef Burger.

Beef burger with extra chips $20
Now for the girls, we ordered 3 of their special dishes~
First is the Crispy Rolled Egg - Braised Black Bean, Chorizo, Avocado, Cherry Tomato, Coriander and Lime. Loved the chorizo and the egg was crumbed and cooked perfectly! Great combo; the beans was cooked and seasoned very well.

The second one is the Blueberry & Ricotta Hotcakes. The pretty hotcakes, looks almost similar to the one I had in Melbourne. I really got high expectation on this one! Unfortunately, the hotcakes weren't as fluffy and it tasted pretty eggy in my opinion.. My friends said it was good but maybe again, my first hotcakes was the one in Melb, so I was expecting a similar texture a hotcakes should be. But the good thing is, the texture is lighter than the one I had, so u can probably finish the whole plate ;p

My favourite of the day apart from the Rolled egg is the Coconut Chia Pudding - House made Cranberry Granola, stone fruits, toasted coconut. So good! Even though it's better to have a splash of honey on top to give some hint of sweetness. But apart from that, love the texture and the freshness from the fruit adding body to the pudding.

Overall, the dishes they put up are all pretty and tasted delish. The queue can be annoying especially on Sunday, so better get in as early and don't forget to try my 2 faves dishes.. The crispy rolled egg and Coconut chia pudding :)

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Sokyo Ramen Pop Up, The Star

I am probably too late to post this up cause apparently Sokyo Ramen Pop up has been going on for a while now... But it will still be running till the end of November, so there's still time for all of you to try it outtt :)

I went there last Saturday Night with my buddies Ms.L and Mr.P, and surprisingly there were no queue as I was told which is good ...

So here are the feast.. They offered 3 choices of Ramen up on the board; the tonkotsu, tantanmen and cold ramen. None of us fancy cold ramen. So we got the other two.

Mr.P and Ms.L got the Umami Tonkotsu 2.0 Ramen - Pork, Chicken & Seafood dashi, pork backfat, Umami Soy Kaeshi, Pork Cheek Chashu, Black Fungus, Marinated Egg, Nori, Yuzu Kosho. The broth was quite thick and rich, filled with all the porky goodness!

I got the Spicy Miso Tantanmen which also comes with Broccolini and tomato. Yes those veggies in tantamen. Never seen before in tantamen, cause they usually put just beansprout hihi.,. But it's a good different though..

I think I prefer the tonkotsu over the tantanmen, Probably I'm used to tantanmen from Ichiban Boshi that is thicker and richer than the one Sokyo made. It's still good though don't get me wrong.. :)

Not to forget we ordered Han's Fried Chicken which was super perfect as a side for the ramen! For the drink, I tried the Yuzu Pop Soda - Yuzu, passionfruit, Aloe Vera Juice, Orgeat Almond syrup and Soda. So fresh and had a strong passion fruit note.

Make sure to visit the place while it last and do come outside peak hours to avoid queue :)
Hope u enjoy it as much as I do ^^

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Noodle Night Market 2015, Hyde Park

Noodle Night Market 2015 located in Hyde Park as they did every year and runs from 8-25 October everyday. With 50 food stalls across Hyde Park, I once again gathered up my foodie team to chow down some yummy foods there..

I think every year they have much more interesting food stalls than the previous year and the queue for the stalls was twiceee last year! U gotta have a good game strategy to skip the queue...
I went through the map and decided to go to Mrs.Mi first as we were starving and need some legit carb.

Saw this noodle making mannequin after I placed my order. I think it's creative :)

From Mrs.Mi, I got their Mince Pork Handmade Noodle and also the Fried Chicken which is so delish with sweet chilli sauce!

Also queue through Daniel San for their Pork and Chicken Skewer! I though the chicken is wayyy better than the pork. The pork was pretty dry and hard to chew off the skewer ;P
And not to be missed dessert-in at Messina for their Bao Chicka Bao Bao (Deep fried Gua Bao filled with peanut gelato, dipped in milk chocolate sauce and rolled in crushed nut) and also David Bao-wy (Deep fried Gua bao with salted coconut sorbet, dipped in white chocolate Mango Ganache and rolled in Cashew). I gotta hard time picking which one is my favourite. They were tooooooo yummeh.

We also made it to Devon before the queue starts to get crazy and got they Miso Corny Sundae which is quite an amazing combination with the miso and sweet corn ice cream, corn flakes, red bean azuki, Coriander and Lime syrup. I still prefer their blue pea flower though ;P

Aunty Yulia's Wagyu Beef rendang with Coconut Rice. I loveeeeee this dish! the chilli was spot on and the rendang was tenderrrr and generous in serving. The let down probably the rice, cause it was not fragrant enough for coconut rice. It tasted more like nasi lemak to mee.. ~~

 Grilled Eggplant for Mr.P ;p

Look at how crowded the place was! It was 6PM and it's getting darkkk >.<
I've been seeing this Cookie in the Whisky place on Instagram, so I've decided to check out what the fuss is about. Cause I usually am the type of person who will go eat all the foods and wouldn't care for any booze.

Apparently u need to get a drink for the cookie. So Mr.P and Mr.R got their liquor and I got the Cookieeee ~~ The cookie was created by Christina Tosi from Momofuku and her creation is the Whisky Infused Cookie. With a strong milky, maple syrup note and also she sprinkle whisky sugar on the dough before baking to add an extra hit of the whisky. smart! It was damn good and I keep on munching on it ;P

We were targeting Pork belly Bao from Mr.Bao, but the queue were just out of this world! So we decided to forget about that and went to the other side of the market to get the Pecking duck Fries from Bao Stop. The queue was not as short! So I  went on with my sis strategy to cut in line. I knowww it's not a noble thing to do, but to my defense, the seller in the stall was saying "next please" and no one come to the counter, so I know that's when I needed to barge in and order this amazeball dish! haha..

That's pretty much what I had in NNM this year.. Still a bit disappointed that I didn't get to taste the pork belly bao. Which means I would need to visit that place real soon andddd the N2 x Black Star Pastry's Teafogatto tooo T.T I shud've went to that stall first >.<

Anyhowww... it was a night well spent with my foodie-rs and the place was filled with joy and laughter. Such a great way to end Friday :)

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Short Post on a Brunch Date to Newtown

Last Saturday, went on a brunch date with my mate, Mr.P. Why newtown? cause at first we would like to try the Bacon Ramen in Cuckoo Callay which unfortunately run out as they will be having a new menu soon. Disappointed by the news, we decided to walk all the way to Brewtown Newtown to revisited the place :)

Thankfully the queue was not as crazy as when I went before, maybe cause we arrived there quite early.. Looking at the menu as we were seated, I was torn between having the pork hash or the muesli.. But I ended up choosing the pork hash cause it's been too long since I have fresh peas!! And Mr.P got the fancy gazpacho thingy ;p

Chilli Fennel Pork Shoulder Hash, cabbagem Peas, Poached Eggs, Parmesan and Cumin Crumbs

Almond and Pistachio gazpacho, Heirloom carrots, Cumin Roast Cauliflower, Kale, poached Egg on Toast.

The verdict of the two.... As usual I love what I ordered.. It's been awhile now since I ate a very tender juicy pork shoulder with fresh peas and the cumin crumb are just a perfect addition to the dish. I didn't get a lot of the hash n my plate, which I', not complaining cause the generous amount of shredded pork satisfied me enough! Tried Mr.P's fancy gazpacho, it was alright for me, my favourite would be the cauliflower! The gazpacho can be too much at some point that Mr.P didn't end up finishing them~

After our "light" breakfast in BWtown, we visited Bake Kobo - Japanese bakery for their cutey breads! Im so sad that I didn't get to buy the Bear shaped bread cause they sold out apparently >.< But Luckily, I still go the Yummy soft sweet Turtle shaped bread, the Green tea tart and the Fish Roe Bread..

After getting the bread, we sat down in Hakiki Turkish ice cream just next to the bakery. It's like the perfect place to sit and chat around with the comfy outdoor setting, while slurping on the ice and munching on the breads ^^

I got the Baklava ice cream flavor which according to the guy is the best seller. I tried a couple of flavors before, I think I prefer the Turkish Delight and the Melon Feta, which i'll surely be back for :)

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Goni's Schnitzelria, Marrickville

Bebs' colleague at work recommended this place in Marrickville for the biggest schnitzel ever! So last weekend, Beb and I visited this place cause we wanted to witness how big the schnitzy are! We reached there around 1pm and the place was pretty empty..

They also only accepted cash! I've looked at their menu before we came and we ordered immediately.. Their menus range from $24-$35.

Their dining area are wide and there isn't much decoration in the place. It's pretty plain I must say, which give me doubt at first to visit the place. I even confirmed with bebski about the place cause he said that during lunch time, it is usually crowded with customers!

We looked at the only patron dining there that arvo and the plates on their table were massive! So we decided to get just one dish and a starter.
the Garlic bread with Turkish bread sounds interesting. So we ordered that and I'm glad I did, it was crisp and yet chewy, just perfect texture to my liking! The garlic was not too overpowering, just enough to make it fragrant. yummy!

Turkish Garlic Bread $6
For the main, we got the Schnitzel Marinara, which comes with Garlic Prawn and Deep Fried Calamari. At first, I thought there will be a pile of tomato marinara sauce on the schnitzel, but thankfully, it doesn't. Otherwise the schnitzel will be too mushy by the sauce.

The portion amazed me beyond measure! I couldn't imagine how big the deep fryer is! The chicken stuck with one another and it's just a humongous slab of chicken breast perfectly crumbed and deep fried into the square plate. Bebski and I only ate 1/3 of the plate and we took the rest home.

We had that for dinner and 2x lunches before we can finished it up. I think it can easily feed 4 people for $27 $$ Very good value for the pocket!
Schnitzel Marinara $27
As we were eating, the place started to be crowded with people from all ages but mostly oz. I think we are the only asian customer dining there haha! Nevertheless, I'm glad that I followed beb's suggestion to try the place out. It did not disappoint. But lesson learnt, next time when I visit the place, I will surely bring more company with me! :)

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Sydney Food Truck jam, Entertainment Quarter

 It may be too late to post this up, but just for the sake of enriching my blog.. I would post it up :) The first ever Food Truck Jam in Sydney where all of Sydney Food Trucks gathered in one spot! It was held in Entertainment Quarter Moore Park for 2 days period (3 - 4 October). Some of my friends went on Saturday and it was crazy! They queue for 1.5hrs to get the food!

So I planned my trip to EQ on Sunday very well. I gathered up my Foodie team and I assign them to one truck for foods haha.. We reached EQ at 11:45am, the entrance was not open yet but the queue was soooo longgg! Thankfully we found a second entrance and we don't have to queue that long :)

12noon sharp, the door open and everyone went to their designated food truck ;p I went to Yang's Food truck!

I got their Banana Leaf Rice ~ The Fried Chicken ~ Fried Mantau Chilli Soft Shell Crab . They are amazing! I heard about Yang's many times but haven't try them til that day  ;) The chicken was ordinary but the soft shell crab are hand downn their best dish!

I also went to Cantina Mobil to get their Chipotle Beef Nachos, very generous mince beef for the price we paid.. Would love to try their burritos next time :)

We also got the Bao from Tsuru Food Truck. Mr.P got the Pork and Chicken Bao. The Spicy Pork is seriously gooooddd! Soft Bao buns and tasty sauce smothering the tender pork....

This pretty Coconut Dessert from Kayter n Co is the first thing that caught my attention when I was searching up the food truck jam food photos from Instagram. They are fancy! Even though they can be overpriced, $12 for a coconut but its worth it for a hot day like that Sunday!

The Jerusalem St food Knafeh is the hit in the Food Truck Jam! They have the coolest stall, with coolest people and coolest song played !! The people at Knafeh are very friendly and energetic :)

They sell this Creme Brulee like dessert which to me has a strong milky flavor to it, its not very sweet, its creamy and smooth and I must tell ya, its ssooo addictive! Usually, I would treat dessert with "one spoon" only policy! But this bad boys right here, I even got seconds. That's how good they were hahaha :)

Apart from those foods above, we also got the Tella Shake and Pulled Pork Monster Roll, but we were too Hungryyyy that I forgot to take pictures for the others hihihih..

My Foodie team below! My minions for the dayy muahahaha ;P
Anyway, it was another great day with an awesome company .^^.
Looking forward to more Food Truck Jam Event in the Future!

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