Monday, October 26, 2015

Noodle Night Market 2015, Hyde Park

Noodle Night Market 2015 located in Hyde Park as they did every year and runs from 8-25 October everyday. With 50 food stalls across Hyde Park, I once again gathered up my foodie team to chow down some yummy foods there..

I think every year they have much more interesting food stalls than the previous year and the queue for the stalls was twiceee last year! U gotta have a good game strategy to skip the queue...
I went through the map and decided to go to Mrs.Mi first as we were starving and need some legit carb.

Saw this noodle making mannequin after I placed my order. I think it's creative :)

From Mrs.Mi, I got their Mince Pork Handmade Noodle and also the Fried Chicken which is so delish with sweet chilli sauce!

Also queue through Daniel San for their Pork and Chicken Skewer! I though the chicken is wayyy better than the pork. The pork was pretty dry and hard to chew off the skewer ;P
And not to be missed dessert-in at Messina for their Bao Chicka Bao Bao (Deep fried Gua Bao filled with peanut gelato, dipped in milk chocolate sauce and rolled in crushed nut) and also David Bao-wy (Deep fried Gua bao with salted coconut sorbet, dipped in white chocolate Mango Ganache and rolled in Cashew). I gotta hard time picking which one is my favourite. They were tooooooo yummeh.

We also made it to Devon before the queue starts to get crazy and got they Miso Corny Sundae which is quite an amazing combination with the miso and sweet corn ice cream, corn flakes, red bean azuki, Coriander and Lime syrup. I still prefer their blue pea flower though ;P

Aunty Yulia's Wagyu Beef rendang with Coconut Rice. I loveeeeee this dish! the chilli was spot on and the rendang was tenderrrr and generous in serving. The let down probably the rice, cause it was not fragrant enough for coconut rice. It tasted more like nasi lemak to mee.. ~~

 Grilled Eggplant for Mr.P ;p

Look at how crowded the place was! It was 6PM and it's getting darkkk >.<
I've been seeing this Cookie in the Whisky place on Instagram, so I've decided to check out what the fuss is about. Cause I usually am the type of person who will go eat all the foods and wouldn't care for any booze.

Apparently u need to get a drink for the cookie. So Mr.P and Mr.R got their liquor and I got the Cookieeee ~~ The cookie was created by Christina Tosi from Momofuku and her creation is the Whisky Infused Cookie. With a strong milky, maple syrup note and also she sprinkle whisky sugar on the dough before baking to add an extra hit of the whisky. smart! It was damn good and I keep on munching on it ;P

We were targeting Pork belly Bao from Mr.Bao, but the queue were just out of this world! So we decided to forget about that and went to the other side of the market to get the Pecking duck Fries from Bao Stop. The queue was not as short! So I  went on with my sis strategy to cut in line. I knowww it's not a noble thing to do, but to my defense, the seller in the stall was saying "next please" and no one come to the counter, so I know that's when I needed to barge in and order this amazeball dish! haha..

That's pretty much what I had in NNM this year.. Still a bit disappointed that I didn't get to taste the pork belly bao. Which means I would need to visit that place real soon andddd the N2 x Black Star Pastry's Teafogatto tooo T.T I shud've went to that stall first >.<

Anyhowww... it was a night well spent with my foodie-rs and the place was filled with joy and laughter. Such a great way to end Friday :)

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  1. Was it really expensive or were you invited? I can't wait for the Melbourne one and if you are there why not visit that one from 14th-29th of November.


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