Thursday, October 22, 2015

Short Post on a Brunch Date to Newtown

Last Saturday, went on a brunch date with my mate, Mr.P. Why newtown? cause at first we would like to try the Bacon Ramen in Cuckoo Callay which unfortunately run out as they will be having a new menu soon. Disappointed by the news, we decided to walk all the way to Brewtown Newtown to revisited the place :)

Thankfully the queue was not as crazy as when I went before, maybe cause we arrived there quite early.. Looking at the menu as we were seated, I was torn between having the pork hash or the muesli.. But I ended up choosing the pork hash cause it's been too long since I have fresh peas!! And Mr.P got the fancy gazpacho thingy ;p

Chilli Fennel Pork Shoulder Hash, cabbagem Peas, Poached Eggs, Parmesan and Cumin Crumbs

Almond and Pistachio gazpacho, Heirloom carrots, Cumin Roast Cauliflower, Kale, poached Egg on Toast.

The verdict of the two.... As usual I love what I ordered.. It's been awhile now since I ate a very tender juicy pork shoulder with fresh peas and the cumin crumb are just a perfect addition to the dish. I didn't get a lot of the hash n my plate, which I', not complaining cause the generous amount of shredded pork satisfied me enough! Tried Mr.P's fancy gazpacho, it was alright for me, my favourite would be the cauliflower! The gazpacho can be too much at some point that Mr.P didn't end up finishing them~

After our "light" breakfast in BWtown, we visited Bake Kobo - Japanese bakery for their cutey breads! Im so sad that I didn't get to buy the Bear shaped bread cause they sold out apparently >.< But Luckily, I still go the Yummy soft sweet Turtle shaped bread, the Green tea tart and the Fish Roe Bread..

After getting the bread, we sat down in Hakiki Turkish ice cream just next to the bakery. It's like the perfect place to sit and chat around with the comfy outdoor setting, while slurping on the ice and munching on the breads ^^

I got the Baklava ice cream flavor which according to the guy is the best seller. I tried a couple of flavors before, I think I prefer the Turkish Delight and the Melon Feta, which i'll surely be back for :)

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