Monday, August 31, 2015

My Delight, Mascot

Two Indonesian Restaurant in a week! We dooo missed Indonesian food soo muchh last week. Sunday is usually my brunch day but last week, I gave in to Bebski cause he wanted to try My Delight for quite a while now. My sister has been telling us to try their Green Chilli chicken and My friends told me to try their Beef Ball soup  / Bakso Abang  abang. So we went and go mad on the foods, as always ;p

First, we tried their Pork Meatball. It was quite cold already but still good. It got a the prawn taste and it's not as empty as the one in Pinang Bistro. But I still prefer the later hands down.

We also ordered the Pork Satay - Indonesian style pork skewer chargrilled with sweet soy sauce. The meat was very generous and the seasoning are just perfect! It does taste like the one we have in Jakarta. bebskii loved it so muchhhh! and I highly recommend it if you wanted to try a very good pork satay.

Pork satay 5pcs $8
 And here comes the Green Chilli Chicken! Oh my Gawd, the green chillies areee too good! it's not spicy, but rather fragrant and really good with the chicken. The fried chicken is not as good as 99 but the green chilli, the best ive had so far in Sydney! Another recommended dish and especially eaten with steamed rice :)

Green Chilli Chicken $8
I tried the Bakso Abang2 - Clear Beef balls Soup with Tendon ball, soft tendon balls, Beef ball with egg inside and a tofu beef ball and vermicelli:) It wasn't as amazing as I thought it would be. It's okay, quite good. The problem is in the broth, it needs more punch of flavour. But with a bit of Kecap manis (sweet soy sauce), a bit of salt, vinegar and chilli, everything's changed :)

Bakso Abang Abang $9
To feed my curiosity, we also tried the Combination Noodle it got mince pork, diced chicken, boiled wontons and the best part, crispy pork lardddd.. groarr... The only noodle in Sydney that think smart enough to add this on noodle toppings! Bebski & I would definitely come back here just because of the lard!

Buttt...... If you're unlucky, sometimes they don't make the lard, so it is seasonal. better call first before you drive all the way to mascot if your eally wanted to try it out :) But the seasoning of the noodle and everything else is just perfect! The chilli also great hereee...

We spent ard $40-50 here for everything. But we came out with full tummy and smile on our face. Especially bebski's face :)

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Enjoy Mie, Kensington

A new Indonesian Noodle  shop opened up in Kensington not too long ago. So bebski & I decided to try it out one Thursday night. The location of the place was where Wow Bulgogi used to be. They've changed a bit of the interior but everything else are still similar.

So what you do when you enter is to look at the menu, order to the counter and then pick a seat :) There's a self-serve section for cutleries, condiments and serviette.

Bebski and I were starving and we wanted to try everything on the menu but unfortunately they ran out of their Fried meatball. So we just got the Deep Fried Wonton (Pangsit Goreng). Nothing special on the wonton, it's a bit oily in  my opinion and not very generous on the fillings ;p

Fried Wonton $5 for 4pcs
We ordered their Mie Spesial which includes Diced Chicken, Soy Egg, Chicken Giblet and boiled Wonton. I love the seasonings of the noodle and I'm pretty sure they used pork lard or some kind of fat cause the taste is just spot on ;P

The only thing to complete an Indonesian Noodle dish is Chilli sauce! Unfortunately again they put too much water onto the chilli mix, maybe to cut cost but the taste is just too bland. :( But the noodle is pretty itself without the chilli. It's just my preferences hehe..

Mie Spesial $11
I loveeee Gow Gee / Suikiaw n indo.. I got a bowl of gow gee soup for the sides. It tasted pretty good in my opinion.. Pretty similar to the ones we got back in Jakarta :)

Gow Gee 4pcs $6
So the verdict of this place.. Worth a try but bebski didn't like it that much so maybe i'm not coming back.. well at least not with him. he ended up getting a Maccas meal on our way home ;P
Apart from Noodles, they only got one rice variant in their menu. They closed Monday and Tuesday.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

Foodcraft Espresso & bakery, Erskineville

Foodcraft Espresso is on the Hype now for their Tella Shake and their Instagram has hit 10.6k follower! So I'm very keen to try out whats the ruckus is all about.. So I went there with some of my friends last Sunday. Decided to come super early to skip the queue, Arrived at the place at 9:30AM and we gotta wait for around 30mins before we were seated.

We got the outdoor seat and luckily it was a bright sunny day last week, so we don't mind sitting out. While we wait for the foods, I went inside the place and look around the interior. They have an open kitchen at the end of the walkway and on the right is the display of their World Famous Tella ball lining up waiting to be eaten ;P

We wanted to try the Vanilla and the Salted Caramel, but they said they have run out at 10AM~~! Unbelievable how famous their shakes are. So we got the Strawberry with Jam Donuts on top and The Famous Tella Shake with Tella ball.

$10 a mug
The verdict for the shake? Hmm.. hard to say, the donuts are dense to me and very generous in size but I think for a person to finish the whole thing is just massive and too overly sweet! The shake itself is pretty ordinary. As we eat, the queue starts to build up and I heard some people behind me was saying that they rather make the milkshake at home and just get the donuts from there. But the other was saying "at least you gotta try it once in your life" haha!

Ms.H got the Baked Egg and served with Sourdough.

Italian Baked Egg $18
The guys got the Big Breakkie - Bacon, Egg, Italian Sausage, Grilled Tomato, Haloumi, Hash Brown, Mushrooms and Soourdough. The portion is oh my god so big! Even bebski got a hard time finishing it..

Big Breakkie $20

Ms.L got the Haloumi stack with hash brown, Poached egg, Baby Spinach, Avocado and Balsamic glazed tomato.

Haloumi stack $16
I got the Eggs benedict with Tasmanian Salmon on Brioche. I add some Italian sausage too. I read some reviews saying that their food are pretty mediocre compare to other brunch places and last week, I've experienced it myself. it's the first time I didn't finished a meal in a brunch place. The eggs were poached perfectly, the salmon and hollandaise sauce are quite salty and the brioche was neither soft nor fresh.

Eggs benedict $16
I wanted to wait til 11AM to order their steak sandwich at first but getting such foods from their breakfast menu made me think twice to order the lunch menu ;P It may be just my opinion regarding the foods but yeah, besides trying the Tella Shake, I don't think I would be coming back there.

When we left the place, the queue has become sooo massive! They even have their own queue for paying ;P

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, The Galleries Victoria

My sister got invited for the Grand Opening of the second Yayoi in The Galleries Victoria where Wagamama used to be. She asked me to come along and I gladly agree ;P
So it was a day before it is open to public, precisely on the 13th Aug.. We went there for dinner at around 6:30PM.

The ambiance of the place is really classy and inviting from the outside. Almost the same classy-ness as the one in Bridge st but here, what I love is the brightness of the lighting :) Been to the one in Bridge st for dinner and unfortunately got the table where the lighting was pretty bad, so I havent write any post on that up to now..
The ordering system here is electronic and that what makes us wanted to order for more ;p

The waitress politely came to our table to offer us drinks and she told us that we can order anything from the menu, like anything, literally ;P And so here it is...

First that we ordered is the Salmon Salad. Fresh Salmon with Japanese Greens and Yuzu dressing which has just the perfect balance of sweet-salty-sour. Thankfully, Mr.W, my sis Bf came along with us cause me and my sis don't like raw salmon ;P Otherwise there will be a pile of fresh salmon left on the plate in the end tee hee..

The one thing that cannot be missed in Japanese restaurant for me... Tamago Yaki! Those thick rolled sweetened egg is just my weak-on-the-knee! But in my opinion, Sushi Tengoku still serves the best tamago everrrrr ~~

Next is the Salmon Teriyaki. We loveeee the salmon teriyaki in the Gozen, so we ordered the A-la carte portion for an extra satisfaction ^^

My Favourite Dish of the night!! The Beef Sukiyaki. The sweet light broth is very addictive, the beef is rich in flavour, tender and a perfect match to the chewy udon!!

We also ordered the Mix Katsu Toji; Prawn, Pork and Beef Katsu with Dashi broth - soy based soup at the bottom and fluffy egg in between. I'm a bit disappointed cause the toji that I remembered from my previous visit at Bridge st is more crispy and flavoursome compare to this one.

The second must order dish if you ever visited Yayoi.. The Yayoi Gozen. A huge Bento box comprises with small tasting plate of what Yayoi has to offer. Salmon Teriyaki; Wagyu Sukiyaki, Pork Katsu, Salmon Salad, Miso Soup and Tofu Salad

To end our meal, we always need something sweet and so we got the Matcha Anmitsu.. Green tea ice cream served with Clear cibes jelly, red bean, fruits and a dash of sweet black syrup as the side.

The night has been great! Service for Japanese restaurant is undoubtedly the best one could ask for.. One thing though, the price of the foods here are slightly cheaper than the one in Bridge St. Taste wise, Bridge st is still better in my opinion..

Monday, August 17, 2015

Rustic PearL, Surry Hills

Despite of my extremely busy week, I would have spare a day just for brunch! :) Last week, My brunch group Mr.P, Ms.L, Mr.M and Bebski planned to try out Le Monde. But unfortunately it was close and we changed our destination to Devon. But again, it was 40mins wait and apparently their menu is still the same like last time when I visited. So we go try our luck in Rustic Pearl.

Mr.P decided to walk there first while we wait for Mr.M to come meet us in Devon before we leave together to rustic pearl. When he came, we decided to grab Uber cause we were too hungry to walk! Arrived there, Mr.P told us that there is a queue and we have to wait. We didn't get any estimated waiting time, so we just stand in front of the place, drooling over the foods brought to table in front of us ~~

40 mins of waiting, finally we got seated! and without further ado, we ordered foods and drinks! I got myself the Avocado Smoothie with Pistachio which was superbly rich, creamy and smooth :)

Avocado Smoothie $6
Mr.M got the Smoked Wagyu Omelette with Bufallo Mozarella, spinach, skordalia, tomato relish & Toast
I got the Kipfler Potato Omelette with mushrooms, corn salsa, asparagus, goat's cheese, watercress and pomegranate molasses. It may look light and simple but it's actually really filling! Generous amount of pan fried sliced potatoes hidden inside the fluffy eggs and wrapped around the creamy goat's cheese. It's just such a good combo!

Mr.P got the Royale - Two poached eggs with Petuna Premium Ocean Trout, wilted baby spinach, homemade Hollandaise sauce and relish


We got the Lamb Gozleme to share. It is definitely a must order in Rustic Pearl. Almost every table got one. Generous with the lamb and the spices they used in the  filling are just mouthwatering-ly delish. I seriously can finish the whole lot by myself! 
And here come the Champ of the day! Bosphorus Benedict. Two poached egg on toast with Bay Lobster, avocado, homemade Hollandaise, fresh coriander & Chilli. I literally can't describe this dish much besides the fresh and perfectly cooked lobster and the oozing egg porn!! Bebski should be thanking me for ordering him this ;p

Overall, the foods were great. It may take very long for them to cook the dish too cause as written in their menu, they make everything from scratch and fresh. Greatness does takes time ;)
One important advice from me! Come earlyyyyy.. otherwise u gotta waitt soooo longgg . Even though the foods are gonna be worth it but the coldness windy winter is just too annoying >.< and the place is not too big like any other cafes.

Second Visit:

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